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Rules and Regulation


FR 6.1 General requirements - Dimensions in Metres for Diving Facilities as detailed in Diving Diagram, Annex 1.1 & Annex 1.2 and ‘Field of Play for Olympic Games and World Championships: Diving Diagram, Annex 2.1 & Annex 2.2.

FR 6.1.1 For Olympic Games and World Championships FR 5 in total shall apply; however the light intensity at the level of 1 metre above the water surface shall not be less than 1500 lux.

FR 6.2 With regard to dimensions for diving facilities a combination of preferred and minimum measurements found in the “FINA Dimensions for Diving Facilities, Annex 1.1 & Annex 1.2 table may be used. However measurements less than minimum are not acceptable and may not be used. If the swimming pool and diving well are in the same area, the minimum distance separating the pools shall be of 8 metres, however 10 metres is preferred (see FR 3.16).

FR 6.2.1 The vertical height from the plummet of the diving board and or springboard at rest to the water surface at rest and before water sprays or bubbles are set in motion shall be specified in the Diving Facilities Dimensions table. These measurements should be certified by a surveyor or other qualified officials, appointed or approved by the member of the country in which the pool is situated.

FR 6.3 Line markings for the diving well will consist of 3 lines running the width of the diving well 90 degree angle to the diver facing forward on the springboard or platform. These lines shall be as follows:
Width: minimum 0.2 metre, maximum 0.3 metres
Length: 21.0 metre for 25 metre wide diving well
The distance between the centre points of each lane shall be 2.5 metres
The centre of the first line shall be directly under the plummet of the 3 metre springboard. See Diving Diagram, Annex 2.1 & Annex 2.2

FR 6.4 The host facility must provide a trampoline with spotting equipment and a hot tub. It is preferred that there be two trampolines and a dryland area with a springboard and a platform take-off into foam landing pits.

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