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Rules and Regulation


The sound equipment should include, at minimum:

FR 13.1 Amplifier-mixer system.

FR 13.2 A sound reproduction system

FR 13.3 High quality microphones and microphone stations for announcements and ceremonies.

FR 13.4 Good quality air speakers of size, number and placement to obtain uniform clear sound to both the field of competition area and audience.

FR 13.5 UW speakers for clear and uniform underwater sound above all interfering noise and at levels acceptable to the competitors.

FR 13.6 Isolation and impedance matching transformer systems for the UW speakers if speakers with metallic shells are used.

FR 13.7 Sound volume (decibel) meter for monitoring music sound levels both above and under water.

FR 13.8 Patch cords for interconnecting equipment properly, speaker extension lines adequate for placing speakers for optimal sound distribution.

FR 13.9 Fusing systems as needed to protect speakers and other equipment.

FR 13.10 Grounding lines to ensure safe grounding of all equipment.

FR 13.11 Safety materials to minimize potential of injury to person or equipment from stepping on or tripping over electrical or speaker lines.

FR 13.12 A stopwatch.

FR 13.13 Tools and meters as needed for initial special hookups and emergency repairs.

FR 13.14 Systems for communication between officials and sound desk.

FR 13.15 A system for monitoring and recording underwater sound continuously.