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Rules and Regulation


The minimum installation consists of:

FR 12.1 same number of score recorder units as judges (figure: 5 up to 28; routine 5 up to 15)

FR 12.2 the results may only be transferred after confirmation by the referee or appointed official

FR 12.3 result unit (computer) with result recording and backup system. Only FINA approved programmes and systems are allowed.

FR 12.4 print out system for all recorded information, start lists and result lists;

FR 12.5 A judge’s evaluation system based on the recorded results (FR 12.3). Only FINA TSSC approved programmes and system are allowed.

FR 12.6 scoreboard control unit with a scoreboard; of a minimum of 10 lines containing 32 digits (or scoreboard as described in Rule FR 4.7.1). The scoreboard must be able to display all recorded information and the running time;

FR 12.7 for each judge flash cards in case of failure of the electronic system.