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Rules and Regulation


FR 10.1 General requirements: Field of Play for Synchronised Swimming in Olympic Games and World Championships as detailed in: Synchro Diagram, Annex 6.

FR 10.1.1 For the figure section of competition two areas each 10.0 metres long by 3.0 metres wide are to be provided. Each area is to be close to a wall of the pool with the 10.0 metre long side parallel to and not greater than 1.5 metres from the pool wall. One of these areas is to be of 3.0 metres minimum depth and the other area is to be of 2.5 metres minimum depth.

FR 10.2 For the routine section of competition a minimum area of 12 meters by 25 meters is required, within an area of which 12 meters by 12 meters must have a minimum depth of 3.0 meters. The depth of the remaining area shall be 2.0 meters minimum.

FR 10.2.1 Delimit in width and length the field of play in the Solo and the Duet with two lanes (maximum width 16 mt length 25). For the Solo and Duet competition, the field of play may be delimited in width and length.

FR 10.3 Where the water depth is more than 2.0 metres, the depth at the pool wall may be 2.0 metres and then sloped down to reach the general depth at 1.2 metres maximum from the pool wall.

FR 10.4 The areas for figure competition in FR 10.1 can occupy the same area of the pool as that used for routine competition.

FR 10.5 If there are no lane markings as described in FR 2.13, the floor of the pool must be marked with contrasting lines in one direction, following the length of the pool.

FR 10.6 The water must be of sufficient clarity for the bottom of the pool to be visible.

FR 10.7 The water temperature shall not be less than 27° plus 1 minus 1 Centigrade.