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Rules and Regulation


FR 1.1 FINA Olympic Standard Pools. All World Championships (except the Masters World Championships) and Olympic Games must be held in pools that comply with Rules FR 3, FR 6, FR8, and FR 11.

FR 1.2 FINA General Standard Pools. Other FINA events should be held in FINA Olympic Standard Pools, but the Bureau may waive certain standards for existing pools if they do not materially interfere with the competitions.

FR 1.3 FINA Minimum Standard Pools. All other events held under FINA Rules should be conducted in pools that comply with all of the minimum standards contained within these Facilities Rules.

FR 1.4 In order to protect the health and safety of persons using swimming facilities for the purposes of recreation, training and competition, owners of public pools or pools restricted only to training and competition must comply with the requirements established by law and the health authorities in the country where the pool is situated.

FR 1.5 New competition equipment (e.g. Starting blocks, lane-ropes, etc.) must be available by1st January in the year of the Olympic Games and FINA World Championships.