Each Event: Each OC shall pay US$20’000 in prize money at the Event, equally distributed between men and women, as follows:

1st US$2’500
2nd US$2’000
3rd US$1’500
4th US$1’200
5th US$1’000
6th US$800
7th US$600
8th US$400

- The method of the distribution of the prize money shall be announced to the swimmers at each Event during the Managers/Representatives Meeting.
- The total amount of the prize money has to be paid to the swimmers without any deductions.
- In case there are less than 8 finishers within a gender for the race, then all the prize money will be redistributed amongst the finishers.
- The National Federation of all swimmers winning prize money will inform the HMF as to whether the prize money will be paid to the National Federation or directly to the athlete.

Additional Awards/Prizes: The HMF/OC may offer additional awards and prizes as it sees fit. Any such awards and prizes should be clearly identified at the Managers/Representatives Meeting at the latest.

Overall: Each HMF/OC shall pay an annual sum US$10’000 to FINA, no later than 30th November in each year prior to the event, which shall be put towards the overall annual prize money. A minimum amount of US$180’000 shall be paid to the overall prize winners.

The overall annual winners will be decided by the male and female swimmers respectively, who have accumulated the most points at Events in that year, provided that they have participated in a minimum of 70% of Events in that year, including the final Event of the season.

The annual prize money to be awarded for both the Men’s and Women’s Series overall winners is as follows:

1st US$30’000
2nd US$20’000
3rd US$15’000
4th US$12’000
5th US$8’000
6th US$5’000

Event Cancellation: Should the number of events fall below the minimum number specified in clause 12.3, the overall winners will be decided by the male & female swimmers respectively who have accumulated the most points in 70% of the races conducted, including the final race of the season