1.1   The FINA Bureau approves the organisation of the FINA Swimming World Cup (“SWC”). The SWC is an annually staged elite level competition.
1.2   FINA owns all rights in the SWC and its Meets except where granted to the HMF as set out in the staging agreement between FINA and the HMF (host National FINA-Member Federations).
1.3   The SWC will consist of a number of competitions “Meets”, staged by Organising Committees (“OC’s) under the recognition of host National FINA-Member Federations (“HMF’s”) and staged each year on dates to be approved by FINA.
1.4   The HMF of each SWC Meet shall enter into a staging agreement with FINA.
1.5   The HMF of each SWC Meet shall cover all Meet organisation costs including the competition venue, organisation, staff and officials, press facilities, TV broadcast, all secretarial services and all other operational costs incurred in organising the Meet.
1.6   The SWC shall be open to all FINA affiliated Federations, subject to the relevant qualifying conditions.
1.7   All SWC Meets will be conducted according to FINA Rules.


The HMF/OC shall:
2.1   Comply with and conduct the Meet in accordance with the FINA Constitution and all FINA Rules and Regulations, handbooks and guideline manuals (“FINA Rules”), including those instructions relating to security, accommodation, transportation, accreditation, doping control, competition facilities, marketing, television, media, medical, hospitality and protocol and, to submit all arrangements for the Meet to FINA no later than 4 months before the Meet for FINA’s approval.
2.2   Present the Meet to the highest possible standard and undertake a promotion campaign to promote it to the widest possible audience locally, regionally and nationally with the host country.
2.3   Use its best endeavours to ensure that its national Government provides guarantees that it shall respect the FINA Rules (including the provisions relating to free access to the Meet host country for all accredited persons on the basis of a passport (or equivalent) and submit such guarantee in writing to FINA.


3.1   Pools: The Meet competition pool must be 50m long with a minimum of 10 lanes. At each venue there must also be a warm-up pool (minimum of 25m long and 6 lanes). All facilities shall be in compliance with the relevant FINA Rules.
3.2   Seating: The Meet venue capacity should be a minimum of 2’000 seats for spectators, with seating for athletes in accordance with FINA Rules. Seating positions along the side of the pool shall be provided for all competitors, team officials and unassigned technical officials, from which they may properly observe training and competition.
3.3   Officiating  &  Technical  Equipment:  The  HMF/OC  shall  provide  automatic  officiating/timing equipment with ARES and Omega touch pads, together with semi-automatic back-up timing, in accordance with FINA Rules.
The HMF/OC  shall provide technical equipment for the competition including scoreboards and a video-board. The scoreboard control unit must have a minimum of 12 lines containing 32 digits (or scoreboard as described in FINA Rule FR4.7.1). The scoreboard must be able to display all recorded information.
3.4  Timing Partner Facilities & Services: The HMF/OC shall at its own cost, provide the SWC Series/Meet Timing Partner with the following facilities and services:
•  Customs Clearance & Fees: assisting the Timing Partner with respect to customs clearance, and shall be responsible for any fees or taxes imposed on the Timing Partner for the temporary importation of its equipment for the Meet.
•  Equipment / Storage Space: the necessary space (that can be locked) at the Venue for the installation of the equipment needed for the fulfilment of the services of the Timing Partner, as well as any necessary storage space.
•  Local Equipment Transportation: local transportation before, during and after the Meet for the moving of equipment to and from various sites, as well as all assistance with the loading and unloading of vehicles.
•  Connections: all necessary connections and cabling as required by the Timing Partner, HB, media and others, as to be agreed between the parties.
•  Furnishings:  the  necessary  tables,  chairs,  and  the  like  for  the  satisfactory installation  and operation of the Timing Partner’s equipment in a lockable Timing Control room. The HMF/OC shall provide the Timing Partner’s staff with a key for their use.
•  Electrical Power: the necessary electrical power (if possible 220VAC, 16 & 50 Amps) and power outlets sufficient to provide the services required.
•  Working Conditions: Maintain the Timing Partner working areas at 20°C (+/- 2°C).
•  Project Co-ordinator: appoint an English-speaking person to act as a project co-ordinator to work with the Timing Partner’s personnel before and during the Meet.
•  Security Personnel: provide a security service to ensure that no unauthorised persons have access to the television and Technical Sponsors’ equipment. Security must be provided 24 hours a day at all places where equipment is installed.
The HMF/OC is responsible for securing the provision of both the time-keeping/scoring and results/information services from a Timing Partner to be approved by FINA, if not appointed by FINA.
3.5   Media Facilities: The HMF/OC shall provide suitable media facilities and procedures for press and photographers in compliance with the FINA Media Guide.
3.6   Insurance:  The  HMF/OC  shall  secure  and  maintain,  at  its  cost,  an  adequate  general  liability insurance for the Meet, venue, swimmers, officials and spectators with a recognised and financially secure insurance company, covering the risks required by FINA relating to the hosting and staging of the Meet. FINA has a right to approve such insurance and to be a co-insured party on the relevant policy.
3.7   VIP Lounge: The NF shall provide a fully furnished, decorated and catered VIP lounge at the Venue, for its own guests and guests of FINA, Sponsors and other guests.


4.1   Participation: Meets are open to entries from all national member federations of FINA and except for clubs within its own country, the HMF shall correspond with, and accept entries, only from national member federations of FINA, and not with clubs, coaches or individual swimmers. The HMF may choose to send a National Team and/or Club Representative. The number of club swimmers may not exceed 200.
Each HMF shall be obliged to enter a minimum of 4 swimmers to all the other Meets and shall use its best efforts to send its top swimmers. In case of a non-appearance, a fine of up to US$15’000 may be imposed by the FINA Executive.
Personal invitations to swimmers are allowed under the approval of FINA.
4.2   Entries  times: The entry times will only be accepted if they have been completed within the maximum qualifying period of  15 months prior  to  the  entry deadline. All  times  outside of  this qualifying period will not be accepted.
4.3   Preliminary Entries: The deadline for the submission of preliminary entries to the HMF on the preliminary entry form shall be no later than 6 weeks prior to the Meet. The HMF shall inform FINA of all nations entering or expected to enter the Meet, including the size of the teams.
4.4   Final Entries: Are to be submitted to the HMF on the final entry form no later than 10 days prior to the Meet. The HMF/OC is not obliged to guarantee or provide any logistical assistance for those delegations that do not meet this deadline.
4.5   Information Bulletin: The HMF/OC shall publish an information bulletin (including entry forms, official hotel and transportation information, venue information, prize money distribution, etc.) to all FINA Member Federations and FINA at least 3 months prior to the race according to the standard provided by FINA.
4.6  Managers/Representatives Meeting: The HMF/OC shall organise a Managers/Representatives Meeting on the day before the first day of competition of the Meet, at 17:00 hours . The FINA Technical Delegate shall chair this meeting.
This will be the only opportunity for last minute entry changes (any withdrawals, but additional entries only for duly entered members of national teams - no additions for club representatives) for duly entered national teams and clubs.
(a)  Scratches for the first session of heats are due by the close of business of the Managers/ Representatives Meeting.
(b)  Scratches for the second session of heats are due 1  hour prior to the start of finals the first evening.
(c)  If the Meet is staged over 3 days, the scratches for the third morning would be due one 1 hour prior to the start of finals on the second evening.
(d)  DNS will be fined according to FINA Rules.
(e)  A positive check-in for timed final races should be made in order to avoid open lanes in the finals.
4.7   Meet Programme: Each Meet shall be staged over 2 days with preliminaries in the morning session and all finals in the afternoon/evening session. There shall be a minimum of 5-6 hours between the end of the heats and the start of the finals. Alternatively, and subject to FINA’s approval, an Meet may be staged over 3 days, with preliminary heats on the afternoon/evening of days 1 and 2, and finals sessions in the mornings of days 2 and 3.
In  the  50/100/200/400m  Meets  there  shall  be  heats  and  finals.  The  400m  Individual  Medley,
800/1500m Freestyle, will be seeded and swum as timed finals, with the slow heats in the preliminaries session and the fastest heat in the finals session, and held at the end of each evening of competition outside the live TV transmission. No semi-finals shall be swum in any Meet.

Heats will be held using 10 lanes, Finals using 8 lanes.

The standard 2-day competition programme shall be as follows:

Day 1

Day 2

• 100m Freestyle Men
• 200m Freestyle Women
• 50m Breaststroke Men
• 100m Breaststroke Women
• 100m Butterfly Women
• 100m Backstroke Men
• 50m Backstroke Women
• 200m Butterfly Men
• 200m IM Women
• 400m Freestyle Men
• 50m Freestyle Women
• 200m Breaststroke Men
• 200m Backstroke Women
• 50m Butterfly Men
• 800m Freestyle Women*
• 400m IM Men*

• 100m Freestyle Women
• 200m Freestyle Men
• 50m Breaststroke Women
• 100m Breaststroke Men
• 100m Butterfly Men
• 100m Backstroke Women
• 50m Backstroke Men
• 200m Butterfly Women
• 200m IM Men
• 400m Freestyle Women
• 50m Freestyle Men
• 200m Breaststroke Women
• 200m Backstroke Men
• 50m Butterfly Women
• 1500m Freestyle Men*
• 400m IM Women*

* Note: These events are outside the TV feed

FINA will provide a standard running order template including the same events programme and the awards ceremonies, so that all Meets can provide their individual running order in the same format.
Each HMF/OC shall submit their session start times and running order to FINA for approval no later than 6 weeks prior to each Meet in each year.
Awards  ceremonies  (without  national  anthems)  shall  be  made  for  all  races  during  the  above
Competition Programme, in the format of 4 races followed by 4 ceremonies.
All announcements, instructions and commands during the Meet will be given in English.


5.1   FINA Delegates: For each Meet, FINA will nominate a Technical Delegate and a Doping Control Delegate and FINA may also appoint an SWC Managing Director, Scorer and Press Delegate to attend the Meets. FINA will cover their travel expenses to and from the Meets. Each HMF/OC will be responsible for all accommodation, meals and local transportation costs of these FINA representatives as set out herein.
The Technical Delegate and any SWC Managing Director shall submit written reports to FINA, covering the administration and conduct of the Meet, including the official hotels, meals and dining facilities, transportation, Venue and competition facilities, protocol, etc. The Technical Delegate shall also chair the Managers/Representatives Meeting and ensure that the HMF/OC send the complete results (including preliminaries) and e-mail (press@fina.org and web@fina.org) to the FINA Office immediately after each Meet competition session.
5.2   Technical Officials: The HMF shall appoint/approve the Technical Officials for each Meet, and all other officials, marshals and other persons required shall be recruited and appointed by the OC. Referees and Starters shall be on valid FINA Swimming Officials Lists.
5.3   FINA Office: The HMF/OC shall provide an office at the venue for use by the FINA Delegates and FINA representatives, with a computer, internet connection, a photocopier and printer, and a suitable number of chairs and desks .


6.1   The doping control measures at the Meet will be organised and implemented according to FINA Rules, and overseen by the FINA Doping Control Delegate.
6.2   The HMF/OC shall designate a qualified doping control/medical officer and co-operate fully with the FINA Doping Control Delegate in conducting the doping control tests at the Meet in accordance with FINA Rules.
6.3   The HMF/OC will cover the cost of the doping control measures, with a minimum of 20 tests, and the analysis will be made at the WADA-recognised laboratory in the host country, or as agreed with FINA.
6.4   The HMF/OC shall inform FINA at least 30 days prior to the Meet which type of doping control kit will be used. (i.e. Berlinger, Versapak).
6.5   The  HMF/OC  shall  provide  the  chaperones  to  assist  in  the  implementation  of  doping  control measures.
6.6   The HMF/OC shall provide the following first aid, and medical services:
•  Appointment of a suitable qualified Meet medical officer/doctor.
•  Free medical service for all competitors and officials at the Meet venue.
•  First aid facilities at the official hotels.
•  Ambulance on permanent standby at the competition/training venue.
•  Designation of a local hospital and provision of information to teams on local doctors, pharmacies, dentists, etc.
•  Rooms for Massage services at the official hotels and competition venue.


7.1   International Marketing Rights: FINA retains all rights to exploit the International marketing Rights to the SWC, which means the following:
•  SWC title partnership/sponsorship rights;
• all sponsorship and merchandising rights to the timing and data-processing category and swimwear, swim accessories and sports clothing category.
•  all advertising on the touch-pads is exclusively reserved by FINA
FINA may at its sole discretion share all or part of any net benefit gained from the exploitation of the
International Marketing Rights with the HMF’s/OC’s.
The HMF/OC shall provide at its own cost, the sponsorship rights and opportunities afforded to any
FINA-appointed sponsor.
7.2   National Marketing Rights: FINA grants to each HMF/OC the right to exploit the National Marketing Rights to their respective Meet and to retain any and all the benefits so gained. The National Marketing Rights include the right to seek and appoint sponsors, sell advertising and other opportunities related to the Meet and to receive other benefits and support as follows:
•  Sale  of  sponsorship  and  advertising  rights  (excluding  any  company  conflicting  with  the International Marketing Rights of FINA), including the appointment of a presenting sponsor for its Meet (provided that such sponsor does not conflict with any FINA-appointed sponsor). In such cases the meet shall be referred to as the:
•  FINA Swimming World Cup - [City,Year], presented by [Event Sponsor];
•  Grant aid or other support from national/regional/local government and other public institutions;
•  Hospitality at the Meet;
•  Meet ticketing/admissions;
•  Concession sales at the Meet venue (gifts, food and beverage, etc.);
•  Sale of an Meet programme and advertising in any Meet programme; and •  Sale of merchandising items (excluding clothing items) bearing the Meet name/logo.
The HMF/OC shall inform FINA about the contents of the sponsor packages offered to the market. In the Meet of any doubt, the HMF/OC shall check with FINA in advance to obtain clearance.
The  signage/venue  dressing  opportunities  are  described  in  the  “FINA  Swimming  World  Cup
Technical Manual”.
7.3   Event Title & Logo: The HMF/OC shall only use the SWC Event title and Event logo determined by FINA in all its applications, and shall comply with FINA’s guidelines for the use of such title and logo. The HMF/OC shall submit all materials bearing the SWC Event title and logo to FINA for its prior approval.
The HMF/OC shall, at its own cost, use the SWC Event title and logo in Venue decoration, including backdrops and the like, and in keeping with any FINA guidelines.
7.4   TV Broadcast: The HMF/OC shall provide a Host Broadcaster at no cost to FINA and shall procure that such host broadcaster shall produce and distribute an international quality television signal incorporating live action, replays and graphics in English, and with sound (the “Basic Feed”), broadcast in accordance with the FINA TV GUIDELINES and shall provide at no cost to FINA and any third parties designated by FINA, access to the Basic Feed at locations to be notified by FINA, as well as 2 copies of the Basic Feed on a tape format to be agreed with FINA in advance. The Basic Feed shall be in HDTV standard.
The HMF/OC shall provide the basic requirements to allow the Host Broadcaster to undertake its work, including space (for cameras, camera platforms, studios, etc.), TV Compound space, power and adequate lighting (at least 1500 Lux over the pool), parking, etc.
7.5   International TV Rights: FINA retains all rights to exploit the broadcast of the Basic Feed in every country worldwide except for the host country of the Meet (“International TV Rights”).
All rights relating to the Meet not expressly granted to the HMF are hereby reserved by FINA. In particular, FINA owns all new media rights relating to the Meet, including the right to broadcast or otherwise exploit the Meet on the Internet or by wireless media including the sale of clips of the Basic Feed.
FINA may at its sole discretion share all or part of any net benefit gained from the exploitation of the
International TV Rights with the HMF’s/OC’s.
7.6   National TV Rights: FINA grants to each HMF/OC the right to exploit the broadcast of the Basic Feed of their respective Meet within the host country only (“National TV Rights”), and to retain any and all the benefits so gained.


8.1   Press Officer: The HMF/OC shall appoint a Press Officer responsible for all Meet media and press operations at least 3 months before the Meet.
The Press Officer should be a professional journalist, a swimming specialist and English-speaking. The duties of the Press Officer are to generate and distribute information before, during and after the Meet, ensure optimum press coverage, arrange good working conditions for the accredited media, and prepare a final report after the Meet
The Press Officer must develop a strategy covering 3 phases:
a)   Pre-Meet:
•  establish a list of the main local media, including the National News Agency, the main national and regional written publications, radio and TV stations and develop with them a media plan to maximise the promotion of the Meet;
•  regularly send information to the media and FINA Communication Department  about the Meet preparation (swimmers, venues, accredited press, etc.);
•  plan and supervise the set-up of the press facilities at the venue, following the principles set out in the FINA MEDIA GUIDE
•  check and approve the accredited media for the Meet;
b)   During the Meet:
•  ensure the distribution to the media of the relevant information concerning the Meet: results, standings, comments, interview/press conferences quotes, information from the National Federations, etc.
•  ensure good working conditions for the media representatives;
•  maintain a permanent contact with the FINA Communication Department to assure the diffusion of information throughout the world.
•  The contact between the Meet Press Officers and the FINA Communication Department shall be by email (press@fina.org).
c)   Post-Meet:
•  prepare a final report for the FINA Communication Department including the effective media coverage, press clippings, Meet photos, activities around the Meet (e.g. ceremony with the presence of official personalities, sponsor activities, etc.)
8.2  Information Distribution: The HMF/OC shall ensure the distribution of Meet information to national/local and international press agencies of participating nations and written press, local media and to FINA (for circulation to international media).
The Meet Press Officer must establish a complete list with names and contact details of the local and on-site media as well as individual journalists to be contacted, together with a checklist of the material that should be sent and distributed to them (to complement the information received by the international media).
The information to be distributed includes:
•  Press releases and website articles (generated in co-operation between the Meet Press Officer and FINA Communication Department),
•  Entry List and Start Lists (produced by the timing company and distributed by the Meet Press Officer on-site to the accredited press (including TV broadcasters), on the Meet website and sent to the FINA Communication Department),
• Results/Ranking of swimmers since the beginning of the SWC (produced by the FINA Communication Department and FINA Scorer) and distributed by FINA to the International Media and published on the FINA official website.
8.3   Press Information Kit: The HMF/OC shall prepare a press information kit giving detailed Meet information and distributed at the press conferences before the Meet, as well as via the Meet website. The kit must include:
•  Detailed presentation of Meet participants (history, performances, biographies, etc.)
•  Competition formula
•  Competition schedule
•  Press conferences time schedule and place
•  Training facilities of the swimmers
•  Name and contact details of the Meet Press Officer and the FINA Communication Department
•  Starter, Referee and FINA Delegates’ names
•  List of FINA and World Cup personalities
The press information kit, as well as the official programme and daily press releases shall be distributed to: FINA representatives on site, participating National Federations, TV Broadcasters, accredited media, sponsors, VIP guests, etc.
8.4   Press working room: The HMF/OC shall provide and furnish a press working room, which must have direct access to the press tribune and include: tables and chairs, power outlets for PCs and telephones,  internet  access  (wireless  connections  are  desirable);  TV   monitors  showing  the competition; and refreshments. A separate photographers’ working area should be provided.
The HMF/OC shall provide a computer with an Internet connection and a printer for the journalists to consult the FINA official website and the local website of the competition.
8.5   Press Tribune: The HMF/OC shall provide and furnish a press tribune which should offer a clear visibility of the finish end of the pool to all journalists. Power outlets sockets must be available in accordance with the number of accredited press.
8.6   Press Conference Room: The HMF/OC shall provide and furnish a press conference room for the duration of the Meet, very close to the press working room and accessible to the coaches and the swimmers without them having to pass through any zone open to the public. The room must be big enough for a minimum of 25 journalists and a TV crew, with a head table for 4 persons. At least 1 microphone must be provided for the head table and another for the interpreter as well as one wireless microphone for the questions. The HMF/OC shall provide and furnish a backdrop behind the head table with the SWC Event title and logo, as per the FINA guidelines.
8.7   Press Conference: The HMF/OC shall stage a pre-Meet press conference on the day before the first day of competition, and the HMF shall ensure the participation of at least 1 male and female swimmer and 1 coach from its team, as well as inviting swimmers/coaches from other participating teams to attend.
During the competition, athletes will be brought to the press conference room on a requested basis. All team managers and/or national press officers should be informed that the presence of their respective athletes may be requested for a press conference.
8.8   Accreditation: Only professional journalists and photographers may be accredited. In order to be accredited, journalists have to fill and return to the OC a media accreditation form indicating their national or AIPS press card number.


9.1   International Travel: All participating national member federations of FINA are responsible for all the international travel costs of their athletes and team officials.
FINA will pay for international travel expenses for the designated FINA Delegates and any other representatives appointed by FINA to attend each Meet.
The HMF/OC shall bear the costs for the return economy air travel of the appointed Referees and
9.2   Visas: The HMF/OC shall make best efforts with its government regarding entry visas for all Meet competitors and team officials from any National FINA Member Federation, as well as for FINA officials and media attending the Meet. Visa requirements for FINA officials shall be provided and is the responsibility of the respective HMF/OC.
9.3   Local Transportation: The HMF/OC shall welcome all entered swimmers, team officials and FINA Delegates  and  Judges  at  the  nearest  airport/railway  station  upon  arrival,  and  shall  provide appropriate transportation to the official hotels. The HMF shall also provide the return travel arrangements and confirm in advance the departure times from official hotels to the airport/railway station.
The HMF shall provide local transportation between official hotels and training/competition venues
(shuttle system every 20 min) free of charge for the following persons for the duration of the Meet and
2 days prior thereto, plus the day after the conclusion of the Meet:
•  FINA Delegates: cars with drivers
•  Swimmers & Team Officials: shuttle buses with drivers and guides
•  Referee & Starter
•  Officials
9.4  Equipment Transportation: The HMF/OC shall be responsible for the transport costs of any equipment needed by any FINA Timing Partner at the Meet, from the point of entry into the host country to the Venue, and for its subsequent return after the Meet.


10.1 Swimmers & Team Officials: The HMF/OC shall provide accommodation in a minimum 4-star hotel with full-board (3 meals per day of adequate quantity and quality) for a minimum of 4 athletes and 1 team leader/coach for each of the other HMF’s of the SWC as follows:
•  Neighbouring countries – for 3 days/nights
•  Same continent – for 4 days/nights
•  Another continent – for 5 days/nights
All other participating National FINA Member Federations are responsible for their own swimming team’s accommodation and board expenses.
10.2 FINA Delegates: The HMF/OC shall provide accommodation in a minimum 4-star hotel with full-board (3 meals per day of adequate quantity and quality) for 5 persons designated by FINA for 5 days and 5 nights.
10.3 Timing Partner: The HMF/OC shall provide accommodation in a minimum 4-star hotel with full-board (3 meals per day of adequate quantity and quality) for 5 staff of any Timing Partner for 5 days and 5 nights.
10.4 Venue Inspection: The HMF/OC shall provide accommodation with 3 meals per day and, local transportation for a period of 3 days for 1 inspection by an individual to be appointed by FINA prior to the competition dates, if so requested by FINA and/or the Host Federation. Economy ticket airfare to be covered through the FINA SWC budget.


11.1 By Meet

11.1.1 By Event

a) Medal points
At each Meet, the competition programme includes 32 events, 16 individual events for men, 16 individual events for women. For each individual event, the points are awarded as follows:
-    First place (Gold Medallist):       12 points
-    Second place (Silver Medallist):   9 points
-    Third place(Bronze Medallist):       6 points

In case of tie, both swimmers receive the same number of points (e.g. two winners 12 points each, 6 points for third).

b) Prize money for Medallists
For each individual event, the prize money shall be distributed as follows:
-    First place:                    US$ 1,500.-
-    Second place:               US$ 1,000.-
-    Third place:                   US$    500.-

In case of tie, the prize money will be shared (e.g. if there are two winners: US$ 1,500 + US$ 1,000 = US$ 2,500 to be equally shared i.e. US$ 1,250 for each swimmer – the third placed swimmer
receives US$ 500.-).

The method of distribution of the prize money shall be announced to the swimmers at each Meet during a briefing or at the Managers/Representatives meeting.

The total amount of the prize money has to be paid to the swimmers without any deductions.

The above prize money, US$ 3,000 per event, amounting to a total of US$ 92,000 for 32 individual events, has to be provided and paid to the swimmers by each HMF/OC

The National Federation of all swimmers winning prize money will inform the HMF/OC as to whether the prize money will be paid to the National Federation or directly to the athlete.

11.1.2 Meet Performance points

According to the FINA points table of the relevant year, the following additional scoring shall be awarded to the top 3 best performances men and to the top 3 best performances women, swum at heats or finals:
- Best performance (highest FINA points table):                  24 points
- Second best performance:                                               18 points
- Third best performance:                                                  12 points

These performance points are not cumulative, only the best performance of each swimmer is taken into account.

In case of tie within any of the top 3 swimmers, the second best performance of the relevant swimmers is taken into account, thereafter the third best performance if the tie remains.

11.1.3 World Records

A swimmer breaking a world record shall receive the following bonuses:
-    an extra 20 points
-    a prize money of US$ 10,000.-

A swimmer equalling a world record shall receive the following bonuses:
-    an extra 10 points
-    no prize money will be distributed

Handling for World Records:
-    The payment of US$ 10,000.- shall be symbolically made with a presentation cheque to be handed out at the awards ceremony
-    FINA will provide artwork for a presentation cheque to be used at all Meets
-    If in one same event (heat or final) two or more swimmers better the World Record, only the winner of that event will receive the US$ 10,000.- Prize Money
-    World Records achieved at a split will not be considered neither for the 20 bonus points nor for the US$ 10,000.- Prize Money. To be eligible, World Records must be achieved over the actual competition distance of the event.

11.1.4 Meet scoring

The Meet Scoring is the total of the Medal points, the Performance points and the World Record points.
One ranking shall be established for men, another for women.

11.1.5 Additional Awards/Prizes

Each HMF/OC may offer additional awards and prizes as it sees fit. Any such awards and prizes should be clearly identified at the Managers/Representatives Meeting at the latest.

11.2 By Cluster

11.2.1 Cluster Scoring

The ranking of each Cluster will be established by adding the Meet Scorings of the relevant Meets of that Cluster, once for men, once for women.

In case of tie, consideration will be given to achievements at any event during that Cluster as follows:

-    If a swimmer has broken one World Record (or broke one more WR than the other swimmer), priority is given to the swimmer with this exclusive WR performance
-    If both swimmers broke one WR each (or broke a same number of WR), priority is given to the swimmer having the best FINA Points Table WR
-    If the tie remains, or if there is a tie between swimmers who have not broken any World Record, priority is given to the swimmer with the highest total of Medal points during that Cluster
-    In case of tie with the Cluster Medal points, priority is given to the swimmer with the highest Meet
Medal points achieved at any of the Meet of that Cluster

NOTE: to be eligible for this Cluster Scoring, it is compulsory to participate at all Meets of that

11.2.2 Cluster Prize Money

For each Cluster, the following Prize Money will be distributed, once for men, once for women:

1st place:   US$ 50,000.-
2nd place:  US$ 35,000.-
3rd place:   US$ 30,000.-
4th place:   US$ 20,000.-
5th place:   US$ 10,000.-
6th place:   US$ 5,000.-

The total Prize Money per Cluster is US$ 300,000.- which makes an overall purse of US$ 900,000.- Handling for the Cluster Winners (first male, first female):
-    The payment of US$ 50,000.- shall be symbolically made with a presentation cheque to be
handed out at the awards ceremony
-    FINA will provide artwork for a presentation cheque to be used at all Clusters

1.3 Overall Final Classification

11.3.1 Overall Scoring

 The Overall Top 3 Men and Top 3 Women of the SWC will be decided by adding all Meet Scorings of the participants.

The male swimmer and the female swimmer finishing first of the Overall Scoring shall be declared
Winners of the SWC.

In case of tie, priority is given to the swimmer with the best position in any of the Clusters.

If the tie remains, prevails the swimmer with one or a higher number of WR performance. If a tie still exists, the WR performance having the best score in the FINA Points Table.

The total sum of US$ 360,000.- shall be equally shared between Men and Women (US$ 180,000.- each gender) as follows

1st place:   US$ 100,000.-
2nd place:  US$  50,000.-
3rd place:   US$  30,000.-

Handling for the Overall Winners (first male, first female):
-    The payment of US$ 100,000.- shall be symbolically made with a presentation cheque to be handed out at the awards ceremony
-    FINA will provide artwork for a presentation cheque to be used at the last Meet.

11.4 Winners Trophies

Winners Trophies
FINA in collaboration with the HMF/OC shall provide a Trophy to the Men’s and Women’s winners.

11.5 Olympic Qualification

The FINA SWC 2015 Series are qualifying events for Rio2016 Olympic Games.