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Rules and Regulation


C 9.1 Application for membership shall be submitted to the FINA Bureau with:

C 9.1.1 a statement of the name of the national body which must reflect the territorial extent, jurisdiction, and sport tradition of that country or Sport Country;

C 9.1.2 its official address and contact details;

C 9.1.3 a copy of its current constitution and rules and regulations;

C 9.1.4 a list of its main officers;

C 9.1.5 a list of its active membership (i.e. number of clubs, athletes, coaches, officials);

C 9.1.6 a formal undertaking to observe and abide by the FINA Rules, the World Anti-Doping Code as well as the jurisdiction and decisions of CAS;

C 9.1.7 the appropriate membership fee. 


C 9.2 The Bureau shall have the power to approve the applicant for membership. If such membership is not accepted, the applicant is allowed to appeal this decision to the next General Congress. The decision of the General Congress shall be final.