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Rules and Regulation


C 8.1 All Members are entitled:

C 8.1.1 to use the services of FINA,

C 8.1.2 to take part in the FINA World Championships and FINA competitions when they are eligible, and FINA Constitution, valid as of 23.07.2015 6

C 8.1.3 to be recognised as the only Aquatics’ governing body of its country or Sport Country, by everybody, including its National Olympic Committee.


C 8.2 All Members are obliged:

C 8.2.1 to support FINA in its efforts to achieve its objectives,

C 8.2.2 to act in accordance with the decisions of the FINA Congress, the FINA Bureau as well as the FINA Rules,

C 8.2.3 to pay the annual membership fee set pursuant to FINA Rule C 11 and all other financial obligations to FINA,

C 8.2.4 to include within its constitution a provision, which allows out-ofcompetition doping control by FINA,

C 8.2.5 to insert in its constitution, rules and regulations such provisions as may be required by the FINA Rules,

C 8.2.6 to manage its affairs independently and not be influenced by third parties,

C 8.2.7 to participate in international Aquatics’ Competitions especially in the FINA World Championships and other FINA competitions,

C 8.2.8 to hold elections at least every four years, to notify FINA of the dates and the location of the elections, and to provide the minutes of its congress to FINA no later than 60 days after conclusion of the congress,

C 8.2.9 to ensure that their own members comply with the FINA Rules, regulations, directives and decisions of the FINA bodies