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Rules and Regulation


C 7.1 The national body governing swimming, open water swimming, diving, high diving, water polo, synchronised swimming, and Masters in any country or Sport Country shall be eligible for membership in FINA.

C 7.2 Only one Member Federation from each country or Sport Country may be affiliated to FINA and such Member shall be recognised by FINA as the only national governing body for Aquatics in such country or Sport Country. The jurisdiction of a Member shall be limited to the political boundaries of the country or Sport Country that it represents.

C 7.3 The constitution and rules of a Member must not be in conflict with the FINA Rules. Where there is a conflict, the FINA Rules shall prevail.

C 7.4 Members must seek approval of the FINA Bureau for any change of name and/or constitution before such changes are valid.

C 7.5 Each Member shall acknowledge in its national rules that FINA is the only recognized body in the world which governs Aquatics internationally.

C 7.6 A Member Federation may choose to have separate organisations responsible for the different aquatic disciplines providing the Member Federation notifies FINA of the identity of each organisation and the Member Federation assumes ultimate responsibility for the action of such organisations.