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Rules and Regulation


C 24.1 The FINA Ethics Panel shall consist of six members appointed by the newly elected FINA Bureau at its first meeting for a term of 4 years. The FINA President shall appoint the chairperson of the FINA Ethics Panel from amongst its members.

C 24.2 A person may not serve on the Ethics Panel if he or she:

a) is a member of the FINA Bureau, a FINA Technical Committee, a FINA Specialized Committee or other FINA Judicial Panel,

b) cannot speak English or French,

c) has no knowledge of Aquatics as well as FINA,

d) is a member of the Bureau of the Regional Organisations.

C 24.3 Members of the FINA Ethics Panel may be appointed for such number of successive terms as considered appropriate by the FINA Bureau.

C 24.4 If a member of the FINA Ethics Panel should die or resign, a replacement shall be decided by the FINA Bureau in compliance with C 24.2 until the next elections of the FINA Ethics Panel.

C 24.5 The matters are transferred to the Ethics Panel by the FINA Executive.

C 24.6 At least three members of the FINA Ethics Panel (as determined by the Chairperson), shall be appointed as required on a case by case basis, to decide on the matter(s).

C 24.7 The FINA Ethics Panel shall have the power to hear and decide any violation of the Code of Ethics, including to impose sanction(s) as set out in C 24.9,

C 24.8 The FINA Ethics Panel shall act in accordance with the principles of natural justice and shall determine its own procedure.

C 24.9 For any violation of the FINA Code of Ethics, the FINA Ethics Panel may impose any or more of the following sanctions:

a) a warning or reprimand;

b) a suspension for a fixed period of up to 4 years from holding office or other position held by an Official and/or until a specified set of conditions have been met to the satisfaction of the FINA Ethics Panel;

c) a return of any FINA award;

d) a ban for a fixed period of up to a lifetime from taking part in any Aquatics related activity; 

e) a recommendation to the FINA Executive of the notification of the matter to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.