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Rules and Regulation


C 21.1 The composition, specific duties and powers of the individual committees shall be stipulated in special organisation regulations.

C 21.2 Each FINA Committee may propose amendments to its regulations to the FINA Bureau.

C 21.3 Doping Control Review Board (DCRB)

C 21.3.1 The FINA Doping Control Review Board (DCRB) shall consist of eight persons appointed by the Bureau. A majority of the members of the DCRB shall be either physicians licensed in internal medicine, endocrinology, clinical pharmacology or sports medicine, with experience in antidoping practices or analytical chemists with experience in WADA accredited laboratories or their equivalent.

C 21.3.2 A person may not serve on the DCRB if he or she has any other responsibilities for FINA.

C 21.3.3 The Bureau shall appoint a chair of the DCRB from among the members of the DCRB.

C 21.3.4 The DCRB may act by majority vote or through responsibilities delegated by majority vote to a particular member or members of the DCRB.

C 21.3.5 The DCRB may review and make recommendations to the Bureau regarding FINA’s doping control programme and may make proposals for additions or amendments to the Doping Control Rules for consideration by the Congress. The DCRB should also approve the Therapeutic Use Exemptions on behalf of FINA in accordance with the FINA Doping Control Rules and WADA Code.

C 21.4 Sport Medicine Committee

C 21.4.1 The Sport Medicine Committee shall deal with all medical aspects of all Aquatic disciplines.

C 21.4.2 The powers and duties of the Sports Medicine Committee are:

a) to provide medical and sport science expertise to the Bureau and to give recommendations on any matter regarding sport science,

b) to consider the development of the medical, sanitary, and medical control rules and to submit proposals for legislation to the Bureau,

c) to give recommendations on any matter regarding conditions of health in the practice of swimming, open water swimming, diving, high diving, water polo, synchronised swimming and Masters, and

d) to assess the availability of appropriate medical care for FINA athletes and Officials at FINA Competitions.

C 21.5 Athletes Committee

C 21.5.1 The powers and duties of the Athletes Committee are:

a) to bring input of athletes’ experience to the organization of FINA World Championships,

b) to collaborate in the Technical Rules proposals and amendments for each discipline, and

c) with the occasion of FINA World Championships, to be in contact with participating athletes and bring forward their suggestions and remarks.

C 21.5.2 The representative of the Athletes Committee shall participate in the Technical Committee meeting in disciplines where he is specialized.

C 21.5.3 The Chairman of the Athletes Committee as an ex officio member of the FINA Bureau shall provide perspective on the athlete experience as required.

C 21.6 Coaches Committee

C 21.6.1 The powers and duties of the Coaches Committee are:

a) in coordination with the Development Committee, to fulfil FINA development programme requirements,

b) to participate in the Coaches Certification programme for each discipline,

c) to bring the coaches experience and requirements with occasion of FINA Competitions to the respective Management Committee of the event,

d) to be in contact with and bring forward recommendations and proposals from the coaches around the world, and

e) to advise on any proposal or amendments to Technical Rules for each discipline.

C 21.7 Finance Committee

C 21.7.1 The Finance Committee shall be proposed by the President and approved by the Bureau. The Finance Committee shall be chaired by the Honorary Treasurer and may include such other members as the Bureau may deem particularly suited to contribute to oversight of the financial affairs of FINA by virtue of their relevant expertise and experience.

C 21.7.2 The Finance Committee shall analyse the FINA budget and the financial statement prepared by the FINA Treasurer and submit them to the FINA Bureau for approval.

C 21.8 National Federations Relations Committee

C 21.8.1 The powers and duties of the National Federations Relations Committee are:

a) to deal with any issue concerning the autonomy of FINA Members,

b) to send delegates if requested by the FINA Executive when there is a violation of FINA Rules, especially when interference of other parties in the autonomy of FINA Members occurs, and

c) to make proposals on rules and regulations related to the FINA Members’ autonomy and independence.

C 21.9 Media Committee

C 21.9.1 The powers and duties of the Media Committee are:

a) to offer guidance and advice to the FINA Communications Department, particularly in relation to the organisation of major competitions,

b) to assist the FINA Communications Department in reaching and staying in contact with a network of journalists around the world who cover aquatic sports,

c) to assist the Organising Committees of FINA competitions in order to ensure the best possible facilities for journalists, photographers and other media personnel as per FINA regulations,

d) to advise the FINA Communications Department in what services and information are required by the media worldwide and in what formats and platforms the media are most likely to wish to receive information,

e) to assist in updating and implementing the FINA Media Guide for FINA competitions, and

f) to offer advice to the FINA Communications Department on the best way to promote FINA and the image of its Aquatic sports throughout the world.

C 21.10 Legal Committee

C 21.10.1 The powers and duties of the Legal Committee are:

a) to provide legal expertise to the Bureau and to give recommendations regarding legal matters whenever needed,

b) to assist the Bureau, FINA Committees and the commissions in drafting amendments to the Constitution, FINA Rules and regulations,

c) to conduct administrative reviews regarding whereabouts violations referred to the Legal Committee,

d) to advise, if necessary, on matters referred to CAS by FINA, and

e) to advise, if necessary, on agreements between FINA and third parties.

C 21.11 Swimwear Approval Committee (SAC)

C 21.11.1 The FINA SAC executes the process of swimwear approval according to the FINA Rules in force; it follows and studies the development of the swimwear.

C 21.11.2 The FINA SAC shall consist of 5 persons representing the five continents appointed by the Bureau. The members shall have knowledge about the sport equipment, of sport in general and the aquatics sport in particular. At least one (1) of them shall also have knowledge in material science specifically in fabrics and/or polymers. At least one of the members of the committee shall have legal training and experience.

C 21.11.3 The Bureau shall appoint one (1) of the members to be Chairman.

C 21.11.4 In principle the committee shall have a meeting at least once per year (upon submission of the swimwear for approval).

C 21.12 Facilities Committee

C 21.12.1 The powers and duties of the Facilities Committee are: a) to advise on aquatic venues (swimming pools) design in accordance with the FINA Facilities Rules.