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Rules and Regulation


The powers and duties of the Technical Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Diving, High Diving, Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming and Masters Committees are:

C 20.1 to analyse the requirement for improvements of the Technical Rules for Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Diving, High Diving, Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming and Masters, as applicable, and to consider corresponding proposals received from any Member. When the Technical Committee decides on a proposal for amendments or changes to the Technical Rules, the decision by vote should be made with at least two thirds (2/3) positive vote of the participants on the respective Technical Committee Meeting. The Technical Committee submits in these cases recommendations to the Bureau,

C 20.2 to consider and decide upon any matter affecting their particular responsibility, which may be referred to them by the Bureau or the Congress,

C 20.3 to appoint sub committees, if required, to investigate, study, and recommend to the parent committee any matters referred to such sub committee. The members of a sub committee may be persons selected from outside the parent committee membership,

C 20.4 to investigate, study, and recommend on matters dealing with standard equipment and specifications of competitive pools for Olympic Games or international competitions,

C 20.5 to evaluate and make recommendations regarding candidates, nominated by Members, for the title of international referee, starter or judge to be selected by the Bureau,

C 20.6 to appoint one or more of its members to report on the qualifications of any person recommended as an international referee, judge, or starter and to report periodically on the continued qualifications of referees, judges, or starters on the existing list,

C 20.7 to receive and report to the FINA Bureau any complaint made by referees regarding misconduct of individuals in international competitions and to make recommendation thereon,

C 20.8 to take part in the technical preparations and in the conduct of the competitions in their discipline at the Olympic Games, World Championships and other FINA competitions,

C 20.9 The Bureau shall ensure participation of the committees in the preparation of the meetings of the Bureau with regard to such tasks that fall within their areas of responsibility. For that purpose, they shall have the right to submit reports, suggestions, recommendations and comments. The Chairman or authorised members of the Committee may be heard at the meeting of the Bureau on the respective issue. The Committees shall be involved in the technical preparations of the competitions at the Olympic Games, World Championships, and other FINA competitions,

C 20.10 to control all technical equipment and installations prior to and during the event,

C 20.11 to make rosters for officials, and

C 20.12 to investigate cases of protest as preparation for the Jury of Appeal.