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Rules and Regulation


C 18.1 The principal elected officer of FINA shall be the President.

C 18.2 The President shall inter alia have the following roles and duties:

C 18.2.1 to preside at all meetings of the Congresses, the Bureau and the Executive,

C 18.2.2 to represent FINA in all dealings with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) and any other relevant international organizations,

C 18.2.3 to evaluate the performance of the FINA Executive Director and make an annual report to the Bureau in this regard,

C 18.2.4 to be an ex officio member of all FINA Committees and commissions,

C 18.2.5 to create any task force or working group he may deem necessary or advisable to address any urgent situation,

C 18.2.6 to maintain relations with the Continental Organisations, Members, FINA Committees and commissions.

C 18.3 The First Vice President shall have the following roles and duties:

C 18.3.1 in the absence of the President conduct the Congresses and FINA Bureau meetings with all the rights and duties,

C 18.3.2 represent FINA in the absence of the President at FINA Competitions, ceremonies or other activities requiring the presence of the highest FINA authority.

C 18.4 The Honorary Secretary shall have the following roles and duties:

C 18.4.1 coordinate in cooperation with the FINA Executive Director: a) the FINA relations with the Continental Organisations,b) the World Competition Calendar in coordination with the Continental Organisations, c) the FINA Committees agendas, d) finalizing the minutes from the meetings of Congress, Bureau and Executive.

C 18.4.2 other duties as described in this Constitution.

C 18.5 The Honorary Treasurer shall have the following roles and duties:

C 18.5.1 chair the Finance Committee,

C 18.5.2 fulfill the obligations as specified in FINA Rule C 25,

C 18.5.3 be responsible for the financial planning of FINA,

C 18.5.4 supervise the current amount of income and expenditure, and

C 18.5.5 draw up the four-year budget together with the FINA Executive Director and the FINA Accounting Department.

C 18.6 The FINA Office shall carry out all the administrative work of FINA under the direction of the FINA Executive Director, in accordance with the policies of the Executive.

C 18.7 The FINA Executive Director shall be appointed on the basis of an agreement governed by the Swiss law.

C 18.8 The FINA Executive Director shall be responsible for:

C 18.8.1 implementing decisions passed by the Congresses, the Bureau and the Executive in compliance with the President’s directives;

C 18.8.2 properly managing and keeping the accounts of FINA under the supervision of the Honorary Treasurer;

C 18.8.3 negotiating or overseeing the negotiation of all major contracts on behalf of FINA in consultation with the members of the Executive;

C 18.8.4 compiling the minutes for the meetings of the Congress, Bureau and Executive;

C 18.8.5 FINA’s correspondence;

C 18.8.6 overviewing of the operations of the FINA Office and, where appropriate, taking such measures as he may deem necessary for the proper administration of FINA. The FINA Executive Director shall periodically report to the Bureau in this regard.

C 18.8.7 the appointment and dismissal of staff working in the FINA Office in consultation with the FINA President; and

C 18.8.8 signing decisions on behalf of any FINA Committee, provided that no other ruling exists in the respective regulations;

C 18.8.9 the agenda of the FINA Committees in co-ordination with the respective Chairmen of the Committees.

C 18.9 The Vice-Presidents representing the Continental Organisations shall be responsible for:

C 18.9.1 ensuring the coordination between their Continental Organisation and the FINA Executive and FINA Office with respect to all Aquatic activities within their continents,

C 18.9.2 assisting the Executive and the FINA Office to further the goals of FINA with the Continental Organisations and with the Members from the respective continents, and

C 18.9.3 assisting the President in his duties as may be requested from time to time by the President.