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Rules and Regulation


C 16.1 The Technical Congress is authorised to decide upon all technical matters concerning the competitive sport in swimming, open water swimming, diving, high diving, water polo, synchronised swimming, and Masters and shall have the power to determine the Technical Rules of FINA.

C 16.2 The Technical Congress shall be convened every four years, preferably on the occasion of the FINA World Championships. The FINA Honorary Secretary shall inform the Members not later than twelve (12) months ahead of the exact date of the Technical Congress. The FINA Honorary Secretary shall send an invitation to all Members, together with all duly submitted motions and applications at least three (3) months prior to the date of the meeting.

C 16.3 The Technical Congress shall consist of:

C 16.3.1 two duly appointed delegates of each affiliated Member, if the Technical Congress is divided into separate meetings for individual disciplines. If the Technical Congress is for two or more disciplines combined, each Member may appoint up to one delegate for each discipline. Notice of the appointed delegates, certified in writing by the Member they represent, must be lodged with the Honorary Secretary at least thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of the Technical Congress. In each Technical Congress, each Member has two votes, regardless of the number of delegates.

C 16.3.2 all members of the Bureau without vote,

C 16.3.3 the Honorary Life President without vote,

C 16.3.4 all Honorary Members without vote, and

C 16.3.5 all members of the respective Technical Committee without vote.

C 16.4 The President of FINA, or in his absence the First Vice President shall preside at all Technical Congress meetings.

C 16.5 The Technical Congress has a quorum if at least twenty (20) Members are represented.

C 16.6 At each Technical Congress the following items shall be included on the agenda:

C 16.6.1 declaration of a quorum,

C 16.6.2 proposals of changes and amendments of the Technical Rules, and

C 16.6.3 other technical business for which notice has been given

C 16.7 Motions, applications, and proposals for alteration of or addition to the Technical Rules shall be considered only if submitted by a Member or by the Bureau. All motions, applications and proposals to be considered by the Technical Congress must reach the FINA Honorary Secretary at least eight (8) calendar months prior to the Congress and must appear on the agenda given to the Members in accordance with C 16.2. On a motion of urgency approved by a two thirds majority of those delegates present and voting, the Congress may deal with new proposals not appearing on the agenda.

C 16.8 Any alteration of or addition to the Technical Rules agreed upon by the Technical Congress shall not become effective earlier than two (2) months after the decision has been made unless otherwise decided by the Technical Congress.