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Rules and Regulation


C 15.1 The General Congress is the highest authority of FINA and shall have the power to decide upon any matters arising in FINA. Decisions by the Technical Congress may be overruled by the General Congress. The Bureau may decide to consider proposals relating to Technical Rules as well as other proposals.

C 15.2 The General Congress of FINA shall consist of:

C 15.2.1 two (2) duly appointed delegates of each affiliated Member. Each delegate shall have one vote, provided, however, where a Member is represented by only one delegate, such delegate shall be entitled to two votes. Notice of the appointment of delegates, certified in writing by the Member they represent, must be lodged with the FINA Executive Director at least thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of the General Congress. A Member may have no more than two delegates present at the General Congress,

C 15.2.2 all members of the Bureau without vote,

C 15.2.3 the Honorary Life President without vote, and

C 15.2.4 all Honorary Members without vote.

C 15.3 A Member may appoint delegates in accordance with FINA Rule C 15.2.1 to participate and vote in a meeting of the General Congress provided that:

C 15.3.1 it has paid all membership fees due to FINA; and

C 15.3.2 during the preceding twelve (12) months it has participated in at least one International Aquatics Competition (the FINA World Championships, other FINA Competitions, continental Competitions, regional Competitions or other international Competitions); and

C 15.3.3 it is not suspended.

C 15.4 A Member that is not suspended but is otherwise in breach of FINA Rules or other FINA requirement may participate at the meeting of the General Congress but shall not be eligible to vote unless the Bureau determines that there was a justifiable reason for the breach in question.

C 15.5 Members shall only be represented by delegates. Delegates shall be affiliated to the Member which they represent. A delegate may represent only one Member.

C 15.6 Continental Organisations as listed in FINA Rule C 14 may appoint up to 2 representatives who may attend the General Congress as observers.

C 15.7 The President of FINA, or in his absence the First Vice President, shall preside at all General Congress meetings.

C 15.8 The General Congress shall be convened every four (4) years at the site and on the occasion of the FINA World Championships. FINA shall inform the Members not later than twelve (12) months ahead of the exact date fixed for the General Congress concerned. FINA shall send an invitation to all Members, together with the agenda for the General Congress and the reports as in C 15.12.2 and C 15.12.3 below and together with all duly submitted motions and applications at least three (3) months prior to the date fixed for the meeting.

C 15.9 A special or extraordinary meeting of the General Congress shall be convened by a decision of the Bureau or upon receipt of a written request of one third of the Members. The FINA Honorary Secretary shall call such a meeting, not to be held earlier than five (5) months from the date of the notice, which shall state the reason for the meeting, date, location and agenda for the meeting. No subject shall be discussed at the special meeting other than the matters stated in the requisition. The quorum shall be twenty (20) Members. Should there be no quorum present, the motion shall be deemed to have been lost and shall not be raised again until the next ordinary meeting of the General Congress.

C 15.10 The General Congress may, in order to reward exceptional merit in or service for the advancement of international Aquatics, elect an Honorary Life President, who shall be a member of the Bureau without vote. The General Congress may also elect Honorary Members if they fulfilled three (3) terms as a Bureau member.

C 15.11 The General Congress has a quorum if more than half of the Members are represented. If a quorum is not present at the previously announced opening time of the Congress, the meeting shall not open until one hour later, at which time the quorum shall not be fewer than fifty (50) Members. Decisions by the General Congress are made on vote of a majority of those Members present and voting.

C 15.12 At each regular General Congress the following items shall be included on the agenda:

C 15.12.1 declaration of a quorum,

C 15.12.2 report of the Bureau on its activities during the time since the previous General Congress presented by the FINA President,

C 15.12.3 financial report of the Honorary Treasurer,

C 15.12.4 proposals for changes and amendments of the FINA Constitution, General Rules, Facilities Rules, Medical Rules and Doping Control Rules,

C 15.12.5 releasing the previous Bureau from all responsibility and liability,

C 15.12.6 election of Bureau members in accordance with C 17.5 and Officers in accordance with C 17.6 and Honorary positions in accordance with C 15.10, and

C 15.12.7 other business for which notice has been given.

C 15.13 Motions, applications and proposals for alteration of or addition to the FINA Rules shall be considered only if submitted by a Member or by the Bureau. All motions, applications, and proposals to be considered by the General Congress must reach the FINA Honorary Secretary at least eight (8) calendar months prior to the Congress and must appear on the agenda given to the Members in accordance with C 15.8. On a motion of urgency approved by a two thirds majority of those delegates present and voting, the Congress may deal with new proposals not appearing on the agenda.

C 15.14 Any alteration of or addition to the Constitution agreed upon by the General Congress shall become effective immediately unless otherwise determined at the time of such approval. Any alteration of or addition to the General Rules agreed upon by the General Congress shall not become effective earlier than two (2) months after the decision has been made, unless otherwise decided by the General Congress.