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Rules and Regulation


C 14.1 FINA Member Federations that belong to the same continent have formed the following Continental Organisations recognised by FINA:

a) Confédération Africaine de Natation (CANA)

b) Union Americana de Natacion (UANA)

c) Asia Swimming Federation (AASF)

d) Ligue Européenne de Natation (LEN)

e) Oceania Swimming Association (OSA)

provided their statutes comply with the conditions in FINA Rule C 14.2

C 14.2 The constitution of Continental Organisations must be approved by the Bureau to ensure that it is not in conflict with the FINA Rules. Any change must be submitted to FINA for approval.

C 14.3 FINA may in exceptional circumstances authorise a Continental Organisation to grant membership to a federation that belongs geographically to another continent and is not affiliated to the Continental Organisation on that continent.

C 14.4 Each continental organisation shall hold elections at least every four years, notify FINA of the dates and the location of the elections, and provide FINA the minutes of its congress.

C 14.5 Championships/Games FINA Sanction/Approval

C 14.5.1 Continental and Regional Organisations must before announcing dates and place for championships/games seek approval by FINA. The FINA sanction shall include the following approvals:

a) dates for the championships/games,

b) competition programmes,

c) doping control organization,

d) any modifications of the FINA Rules and requirements.

C 14.5.2 The approval shall include the conditions and requirements in accordance with the FINA Rules, whilst the appointment of FINA delegate(s) shall be granted by the FINA Executive. All Competitors must comply with FINA eligibility rules.

C 14.5.3 The championships/games shall be supervised by one or more FINA delegates. The Organising Committee of championships/games (except for continental competitions organized by the Continental Organisations recognized by FINA) shall provide full board accommodation and travel expenses for the FINA delegate(s).

C 14.6 Continental Organisations shall:

C 14.6.1 promote the sport of Aquatics in their continents and regions in a permanent regular manner,

C 14.6.2 work closely with FINA in every domain so as to achieve the Objectives stated in the FINA Rule C 5,

C 14.6.3 organise continental, regional and international competitions in their area of jurisdiction,

C 14.6.4 where appropriate, form or encourage the formation of regional or subcontinental organizations to promote the sport of Aquatics in a manner appropriate to the conditions prevailing in their area of jurisdiction,

C 14.6.5 foster cooperation with FINA, and engage in consultative meetings to resolve matters relating to the interests of Continental Organizations and FINA,

C 14.6.6 coordinate with FINA for the promotion of Aquatics by arranging development programmes, courses, clinics and conferences,

C 14.6.7 elect their own President and Bureau members at least every four (4) years, with nominations for these positions emanating from the respective Member Federations.