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Rules and Regulation


BL 4.1 The Honorary Secretary shall ensure that the first notice of any duly called meeting will be mailed at least four (4) months ahead of the date of the meeting. If a quorum is not assured thirty (30) days before the date of the meeting, the meeting is to be cancelled.
BL 4.2 The President of FINA or in his absence the Honorary Secretary shall take the Chair at all meetings of the Bureau.
BL 4.3 Should neither the President nor the Honorary Secretary be present at the meeting, those present and entitled to vote shall elect one of their members as Acting Chairman.
BL 4.4 The Chairman shall have a second or casting vote in the event of a tie in the voting.
BL 4.5 The President or Chairman has the authority and power to make any necessary decisions in order to expedite the business of the meeting in an efficient and practical manner.
BL 4.6 In the interval between meetings, any action that might lawfully be taken may also be taken by a mail vote.
BL 4.7 The Honorary Secretary shall keep records of each meeting.