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Rules and Regulation

Article 5 - Relations with the FINA Bureau Members

There shall be no visits by FINA Bureau Members to the bidding cities, nor by the Candidates to the FINA Bureau Members. 

If a FINA Bureau Member has to travel to a candidate city for any reason, he or she shall inform the FINA Executive Committee beforehand. The Candidate may not take advantage of this occasion for the promotion of its candidature, nor cover any costs and expenses linked to such a visit, in particular travel and accommodation. 

The FINA Bureau Members may not be invited to any form of reception linked to the promotion of a candidature. 

The ambassadors of the candidate countries concerned may not visit the FINA Bureau Members nor invite the FINA Bureau Members to any form of reception in their embassies to promote the candidature. 

In order to respect the neutrality of the FINA Bureau Members, Candidates may not use the name or image of a FINA Bureau Member or a FINA Honorary Member, except for the members from the country of the Candidate concerned.