Rotterdam is a city that you have to experience first-hand. A young, dynamic metropolis with an irrepressibly beating heart. A city that constantly reinvents itself at a high pace. Every time you visit, yet another addition graces Rotterdam’s already stunning skyline and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by a new cultural or sporting event. That makes Rotterdam a city that never runs out of things for you to discover.

From unparalleled shopping options, exotic food and beverages, and entertainment venues on land and in the water. The city where ideas are conceived, nurtured, shaped and come to fruition. Defined by famous and not yet famous locals. Where people diverse in origins, beliefs and visions converge in living, working, studying and creating together. That is Rotterdam. A city to discover and cherish.

In 2015 Lonely Planet put Rotterdam in 5th place in its ‘Best in Travel’ rankings. In 2014, Rotterdam was tipped by both Rough Guides and the New York Times as the city to visit. Rough Guides put Rotterdam at the number 8 spot in the ‘Top 10 Cities’ list and the city is at the number 10 spot in the New York Times list of ‘52 Places to Go in 2014’. Both lists praise various aspects of the city, including its architecture.