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AustraliaAustralia, AUS
Water polo


Further Personal Information

Date of birth
16 April 1986
182 cm
88 kg
Athlete, Coach, Development Officer, Health Care Professional, Motivational Speaker, Student
Higher education
Biomedical Science - Griffith University: Brisbane, QLD, AUS

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport?
She began competing in water polo at age 14 in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
Why this sport?
"I was introduced to water polo through a friend at school, as the club needed some extra players for the Saturday competition and I was a good swimmer, so I was invited to come along to the games to make up the numbers. It combined everything I enjoy about playing a sport. I loved being in the water, as well as the challenge of playing a team sport. The combination of swimming and a ball sport was too much to pass up." She was also inspired by the Australian National Team's performance at the gold medal match at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.
Club / Team
Queensland Thunder: Australia
Name of coach
Predrag Mihailovic [national], SRB
Preferred position / style / stance / technique
Centre back

International Debut

Competing for
New Zealand
Canberra, ACT, AUS

General Interest

Bron, Bronnie (, 19 Aug 2016)
Socialising with friends and family. (, 30 Mar 2020)
Memorable sporting achievement
Winning a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. (, 30 Mar 2020)
Hero / Idol
Australian water polo player Naomi McCarthy. (, 12 Apr 2018;, 12 Feb 2014)
In November 2015 she fractured her collarbone while competing in a test event for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. She returned to competition in May 2016. (, 05 May 2016)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"Be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods." (, 28 Jul 2016)
Awards and honours
She was named Most Valuable Player [MVP] of the 2019 Intercontinental Cup in Perth, WA, Australia. (, 30 Mar 2019)

In 2012 she was inducted into the Hartwick College Athletics Hall of Fame in the United States. (, 09 Aug 2014)

In 2006 she received All-American and All-Academic honours while competing for Hartwick College. (Australian Water Polo, 02 Mar 2007)

In 2005 she was named as Hartwick College's Female Athlete of the Year, the Collegiate Water Polo Association [CWPA] Northern Division Player of the Year, and the CWPA Eastern Championships Most Valuable Player [MVP]. (Hartwick College, 07 Jun 2006)
Famous relatives
Her grandfather William Knox was a member of the Queensland state parliament from 1956 to 1989 and was the state's deputy premier from 1976 to 1978. (, 13 Jun 2012)
To compete at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (, 30 Mar 2020)
Other information
She was the captain of the Australia women's water polo team at the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. (, 03 Feb 2020)

She took a year off after the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. "Taking 12 months to focus on my life away from sport was imperative to both continuing in the sport and looking after my well-being. As a water polo athlete it's not a sporting career that sets you up financially or professionally for later on in life. Taking the time I needed to work out how I was going to support myself in the future and what I was passionate about away from the pool really helped to give me direction for the future. Returning to the sport, I had a clearer idea of what I want my life to look like when I retire [from water polo] and I feel a lot more comfortable in my ability to achieve those goals." (, 08 Sep 2018)

She has a graduate diploma in emergency and disaster management from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. In 2019 she completed a law degree at Queensland University of Technology. "Having recently completed my law degree, I am currently [2020] working towards my admission to the profession." (, 30 Mar 2020; LinkedIn profile, 01 Apr 2020)

Outside the pool she has been involved in a number of sport-related activities, including working as a development officer with Water Polo Queensland. "I am currently [2020] working with a private girls' school in Brisbane [QLD, Australia] to develop their water polo programme at a junior level. I am also working with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority in their education sector, informing other athletes of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to keeping integrity in sport and keeping it clean and fair. Also, I have been working with the International Women's Forum in conjunction with Ernst Young [professional services firm] as a part of the Women Athletes' Business Network mentoring programme. This is a year-long programme that selects 25 female athletes worldwide for a high-touch mentoring and training experience." (, 30 Mar 2020)