Welcome to FINA’s Clean Sport Tipline

What can I report on this Tipline?

 The Tipline can be used to report any infringement of:

- The FINA Rules on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions (PMC) including betting, corrupt conduct, misuse of inside information, failure to report or other competition manipulation.

- The FINA Rules on the Protection from Harassment and Abuse

- The FINA Ethics Code

If what you would like to report is an infringement of the FINA Doping Control Rules, this must be reported by using REVEAL, a platform where you can share information about doping suspicion in a completely anonymous and secure manner – managed independently by the International Testing Agency (ITA). Every piece of information is important in the fight for clean sport and through REVEAL you can support the investigation of anti-doping rule violations or criminal behaviour.

Who can use this Tipline?

FINA encourages anyone who becomes aware of, or suspects, any breach of these rules, to report it on the Tipline.

How does the Tipline work?

Confidential reports can be sent anonymously by email to

What will happen after I submit a report on the Tipline?

Receipt of your report will be acknowledged in writing.

All information received will then be promptly considered by our investigations team for appropriate follow up action as soon as possible.

We will review the content of your report in detail, taking care to ensure the confidentiality and security of the report. Following such review, we will take one of the following steps:

  • We may determine that no further steps are required to be taken on foot of your report. In this case, we will not action your report any further;
  • We may determine that the content of your report is such as to justify opening an investigation (whether on its own or when read in conjunction with other information or evidence available to us) into any matters identified in your report or to be used in connection with an investigation which has already been opened (combination with other info);
  • We may determine that further information or clarification is required before we can identify appropriate next steps. In this case, we may need to contact you to clarify or expand on the information you have provided. We look forward to your continued assistance if this is necessary. Where we proceed as such, we will re-assess any further information or clarification you provide, in conjunction with your original report, and following such further review, will assess which of the three steps should then be taken;

Please note that we may share information with FINA’s Member Federations (who may have responsibility for conducting investigations), law enforcement authorities, regulatory or other appropriate bodies in connection with any investigation. In certain circumstances, we may be under a legal requirement to disclose information contained in a report to competent law enforcement authorities.

How are reports protected?

All reports will be dealt with on a confidential basis (irrespective of whether you submit your report anonymously or are asked to include your name, your information) and your identity will not be disclosed without your agreement. FINA treats reports with the greatest of care and confidence. It is expected that you will observe the same standards of confidentiality whilst your matter is being dealt with.

Your report will only be disclosed to third parties in the circumstances described above (see “What will happen after I submit a report on the Tipline?”).

May I submit a report anonymously?

Persons submitting information have the right to do so anonymously should they so wish. If you wish to submit a report anonymously, you may do so by emailing Please ensure that your email is sent from an email account which is not capable of identifying you.

To further enhance your security and anonymity, please follow these instructions:

  • In the event that you would like to remain anonymous, do not submit any information that can be traced back to you.
  • Make sure that the internet connection is secure which is displayed by the lock symbol in your browser. Note that an intranet connection, in particular, may jeopardize your anonymity.