Welcome to FINA’s Clean Sport Tipline

This Tipline can be used to:

1. Report suspicious approaches or activities related to competition manipulation.

Any infringements of FINA Rules on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions (PMC) including betting, corrupt conduct, misuse of inside information, failure to report or other competition manipulation over which FINA has jurisdiction can be reported to FINA.

2. All doping related reports.

In keeping with FINA’s commitment to protect the clean athlete, we encourage anyone who becomes aware of, or suspects, any breach of FINA Doping Control Rules (DC Rules), to report such concerns in confidence via the secure online form provided below.
All information received will be promptly considered by our investigations team for appropriate follow up action as soon as possible.
FINA takes privacy matters very seriously. You should feel comfortable using this reporting channel and can rest assured that we will not share your identity without your prior consent. 

We value all information that may result in cleaner sport and thank you for taking the time and informing us about any infringements of FINA Rules or breach of FINA DC Rules at

Important considerations:

  • Confidentiality: Your identity will not be disclosed to persons beyond those responsible for investigating your report, without your explicit consent.
  • Anonymity: Any person can request to stay anonymous and such request will be respected by FINA. However, we encourage that personal information is disclosed to enable appropriate follow up.