FINA Awards

FINA honours and rewards individuals or organisations within or outside FINA who have, through their interest, performance and influence, contributed to the activities and development of the FINA disciplines either in the national or international spheres.

There are different categories of honours and awards recognised by FINA such as 

  • FINA Prize
  • FINA Gold Pin *
  • FINA Silver Pin *
  • FINA Honour Plaque, Diploma or Certificate of Merit.
  • Special Honorary Members Dean Plaque (Only one Plaque for the Dean) 

There is also a special category

  • FINA Order *

* These Honours are accompanied by a Certificate.

Criteria and Selection Procedure

Below 'FINA Awards Ruling' document details the criteria for each of the awards/honours, the nomination process of an applicant and the jury.

The following documents lists the recipients of different FINA Awards from past.

In addition to the above list; FINA in honour of Dennis Miller (FIJ), for his contribution to FINA development, particularly in open water swimming introduced a new award ''Dennis Miller Prize'. This prize will be awarded each year to an Open Water events' organiser who has performed exceptionally well in delivering a successful event. More details can be found in the attached document.