Tokyo officially Tokyo Metropolis, is the capital city of Japan and one of its 47 prefectures. The Greater Tokyo Area is the most populous metropolitan area in the world. It is the seat of the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese government.

Tokyo hosted the Olympic Games in 1964 and over the years has staged other major FINA events as the Swimming World Cup and the Artistic Swimming World Series. 


The Tokyo Aquatics Centre has been newly constructed in the Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park. Following the 2020 Games, the venue will host domestic and international competitions.

The venue has a capacity of 15,000 spectators and will host events of three disciplines: Swimming, Artistic Swimming and Diving.

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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 were postponed for the first time in their history and the Tokyo Aquatics Centre opening ceremony was held on October 24, 2020. 

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Address: Tokyo Aquatics Centre Address:2-2 Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Men and Women's Water Polo tournament will be held in the Tatsumi Water Polo Centre.

This iconic and spacious venue of 4700 seats was designed in 1990 to serve as the main facility for swimming and other water sports in the Tokyo area. 

Address: 8-10, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo