FINA Communications Department

While the medal distribution at the first leg of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series 2019 is hard to predict, the Paris meet is looking promising and will certainly be full of surprises.

The Technical Meeting was held this morning at the Maurice Thorez Aquatic Stadium as last minute preparations are in full swing.

French Swimming Federation (FFN) Artistic Swimming Director Sylvie Neuville welcomed the teams and the delegates to the meeting.

“Welcome to France! It is a pleasure and an honour to have you all here for this inaugural leg of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series. We are very happy to welcome you all and we hope that we have organised an event to the highest international standard and that you will have a great time in Paris”, said the director as she presented her team and the jury.

FINA Technical Artistic Swimming Committee Chairwoman Lisa Schott gave a comprehensive update about the artistic swimming development schools and activities that have been undertaken in the last months.

“First of all, thank you all for welcoming us all in France. Thank you to the French Federation that has organised a brilliant event in Paris for us. We are very happy and excited to be here. In the name of FINA, I would like to welcome you all at this competition.”

“It is crucial to note that FINA has really been investing in our sport recently. Judges and coaches’ education, through Clinics and Courses all around the world, have been the focus of all our efforts.”

“We have a great bunch of coaches working tirelessly and we are so lucky to have them to do the work behind the scene.”

“As you know, we have organised schools and courses from beginner to intermediate level. A lot has been invested in these very successful programmes.”

“I can assure you that we continue to work toward growing the spot. One of the areas we all need to work together to improve is regional growth such as Africa and Oceania. They need our help to develop the sport in their region, and we believe it will be through education that we will reach our goal.”

“FINA has been investing a lot in our sport this year with an increased prize money available for the Series as well as the introduction of a Super Final at the end of the circuit which will gather the competition’s best teams in Budapest, Hungary”

After listing the various innovations introduced to the sport recently, she also recalled that FINA proposed two new events to the 2024 Olympic Programme: the mixed duet and the highlight routine.

“We encourage the mixed duets to get out there. We have to show the IOC we have more than one or two Federations that are involved in this new event because this is how this IOC reviews things. We need all your help to carry this cause.”

Following the recommendations put forward by the Technical Committee last summer, the jury for the World Championships will be composed at 50% of neutral judges (from neutral National Federations) to avoid conflict of interest in judging.

“Because of all the changes we are implementing, the world is talking about our sport. We are making business changes and they are being talked about, which is a good thing. It is really quite exciting!”

FINA Coaches Committee member Natalia Tarasova concluded the meeting by giving an update about a survey that the Committee conducted last year. She thanked the Federations for the great feedback gathered.

“Our Committee had a very productive two-day meeting in China last year and the future of the Certification Programme was discussed in depth. Coaches are invited to take part in the coming surveys to continue improve and grow the sport.”

Around 25 nations and national clubs (for a total of approximately 190 athletes) have entered the competition that kicks-off tomorrow, Friday March 1 with the solo technical at 10am. The event will conclude on Sunday March 3 with the Exhibition Gala.

The latest competition programme unfolds as follows:




10:00-11:10 Technical Solo
14:00-16:00 Technical Duet
18:30-19:00 Technical Mixed Duet
19:15-20:00 Technical Team

10:00-12:00 Free Solo
16:30-17:00 Free Mixed Duet
17:10-17:45 Highlights

09:30-10:30 Free Combination
12:00-14:00 Free Duet (F)
15:30-16:45 Free Team
17:30 Exhibition Gala

You will be able to follow the competition LIVE streamed on FINAtv [1] and LIVE results will be available here [2].