Tomoaki Tasaka, FINA Press Correspondent (JPN)

The Tokyo leg of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series 2018 came to an end today (April 30), after four intense competition days at the Tatsumi International Swimming Center.

The final day began with the Free Combination. World bronze medallists Japan, who was the only team taking part today, showed an attractive performance under the theme 'Mermaid' and scored 92.4000 points.

"We had a lot of highlight scenes in the Free Combination. Trying to concentrate on these highlights, I could not make successful jumps during my acrobatic move scenes. This will be the particular point to improve at the next opportunity. It will be important for us to keep practicing." Japan's jumper Marumo said.

Team leader Yukiko Inui of Japan also took part in the Solo Free Routine and the Duet Free Routine.

Inui grabbed gold with 92.9667 points, over 0.3000 points scored in the preliminary.

Linda Cerruti (ITA) claimed the silver medal with 89.8000 points, not to reach 90 by being deducted after walk-on time.

"The performance itself was wonderful. Before starting, I concentrated on my performance too much, I failed in the deck movement a bit. I always want to confirm the high scores, such as beyond 90 points, and it would be possible to improve my last part of the Free Routine. Although our choreography was, I think, a little difficult, I have been working better little by little throughout this leg," Italian Cerruti said.

In the Duet Free Routine, Inui (JPN) got 92.4333 points to the first prize with her partner, Kanami Nakamaki. She achieved triple victories this day only. In Tokyo, Inui bagged an impressive total of seven golds.

"To participate in seven programs, I found it difficult to switch my mind and acting over each event. However, there were a lot of things that I learned by taking part in many events. The things that I learned here will be used for next time. I definitely gained experience. I truly am happy to win all the events that I participated in," Inui said, looking back at the meet.

Then she added:

"When I was young, overseas swimmers looked very shiny. Therefore, I think that it certainly is a good experience for young Japanese swimmers to be able to perform with world-top-class swimmers." she said.

Linda Cerruti, who got the second in the Solo Free Routine, and Costanza Ferro (ITA) scored 90.5000 points to grab the silver. Their performance made the spectators highly excited. Their theme expressed woman's powerful energy.

"We are so happy to see better results, especially from the previous leg in Paris. We have never tried our new routine before. It was good to know how the judges liked it." Ferro said.

Prior to the events for today, the Athlete Parade was celebrated in splendid style. Lisa Schott as FINA Technical Delegate and also FINA Technical Artistic Swimming Committee and Japan Swimming President Tsuyoshi Aoki made speeches.

"On behalf of FINA, I thank you all, the Japan Swimming Federation, volunteers, the judges and the city of Tokyo, for organising this third leg in Tokyo. I am very excited to be here in Tokyo hosting the next Olympic Games. To the athletes, thank you for choosing this sport. I know how hard this sport is. This sport will build their confidence, you know how to win and lose, and you know how to carry on your determination. I am very proud of you all to keep up the great work. Remember, it's not only about the colour of the medals that you win but about the journey on the way," Schott said.

"I hope the participating athletes perform the best they could, using all the skills and techniques built from their training. I expect the international teams not only to compete but also to take the opportunity to broaden their friendship with each other. I believe that you would enjoy our hospitality 'OMOTENASHI' at the upcoming Tokyo Olympic 2020," Aoki said.

The third leg of the World Series has concluded today. Performers of artistic swimming moving to Samorin, Slovakia, where the fourth leg will be held from 11-13 May.