FINA Communication Department

Canada earned a berth in the quarterfinals with a 14-8 victory over Kazakhstan. Carmen Eggens scored the 600th World Championship goal for Canada when she sent a shot into the bottom right from the top. Anna Turova, in making the score 2-1, landed Kazakhstan’s 300th goal at this level.Canada
had the game to go away with the match and at 7-2 looked likely to do
so. Kazakhstan Captain Assel Jakayeva plundered a goal at centre forward
for 7-3 to arrest the slide. Two Monika Eggens goals just before
halftime had Canada 9-3 at the long break. That gave her four from the
half to double her championship tally.

The third period was a triumph for Kazakhstan, surging back into the match with three goals, two to Natalya Shepelina.

Perreault scored twice for Canada and Marina closed the period’s
scoring at 12-6. Canada pushed the score out to 14-6 and Kazakhstan
finished with a flourish through Aizhan Akilbayeva with a bouncer and
Anna Zubkova five seconds from time.

Canadian coach Guy Baker, the
former USA women’s supremo, would be pleased with the efforts of Monika
Eggens in particular, a real strike force who will be needed badly in
the later rounds.

Match 30: 18:50, Quarterfinal Qualification, CANADA 14 KAZAKHSTAN 8
Quarters: 4-2, 6-1, 3-3, 2-2
Referees: Cory Williams (NZL), Manol Taylan (TUR).
Extra Man: CAN: 3/3. KAZ: 2/5.
Pens: Nil

CANADA: Michele Relton, Krystina Alogbo (1), Katrina Monton, Emma Wright (2), Monika Eggens (4), Sophie Baron La Salle (1), Joelle Bekhazi, Dominique Perreault (2), Carmen Eggens (2), Christine Robinson (1), Stephanie Valin, Marina Radu (1), Nicola Colterjohn. Head Coach: Guy Baker.
KAZAKHSTAN: Alexandra Zharkova, Natalya Shepelina (2), Aizhan Akilbayeva (1), Anna Turova (1), Anastassiya Mirshina, Anna Zubkova (1), Natalya Alexandrova, Yekaterina Glushkova, Assel Jakayeva (1), Marina Gritsenko (2), Alexandra Rozhentseva, Assem Mussarova, Kristina Krassikova. Head Coach: Andrey Sasykin.

Joelle Bekhazi (CAN):
“This was a good preparation for the game against Russia, our next rival, because they have a very similar way of playing. We tried to be aggressive at the beginning of the game and kept pushing during all the game. Russia is going to watch carefully our mistakes so we will have to work hard and play very well to beat them.”
Alexandra Zharkova (KAZ):
“We are very sad. Canada is a really strong team, with strong players, and they have good shooters. In our preliminary round we’ve had very strong teams like Hungary. It was a tough tournament and a great experience.”