FINA Communication Department

Australia recorded a 10th consecutive victory over China at FINA level, winning the Group C match 9-7. The Aussie Sharks led 9-3 just 30 seconds into the final quarter and then China woke up, scored three goals in 60 seconds for 9-6 at 5:17. The match was on. Both teams took a timeout for no success.The match was narrowed to two goal when Zhang Chufeng scored eight seconds from time. It was an enthralling match with Australia controlling throughout and
forcing China to take longer-range shots, many of which never made it to
the goalkeeper.

Australia had its share of defended and sprayed shots at the other end, but managed to score some acute-angle goals.

Captain Rhys Howden showed the way for his team with three goals in a game where the Sharks shot 29 times.

Chinese goalkeeper Weiqing Ge was kept busy with 11 saves and Jian Zhang can be proud of his efforts with the first two of the three-goal spurt in which he was found loose on the two-metre line.

Match 11: 12:10, Group C, CHINA 7 AUSTRALIA 9
Quarters: 1-4, 1-2, 1-2, 4-1
Referees: Sergy Naumov (RUS), Petar Abramovic (MNE)
Extra Man: CHN: 1/5. AUS: 2/4
Pens: CHN: 1/1.
Weiging Ge, Feihu Tan (1), Zhongxing Liang (1), Bin Jiang, Junliang Guo
(1), Ning Pan, Bin Li (1), Yang Wang, Junmin Xie, Jian Zhang (2),
Chufeng Zhang (1), Nianxiang Liang, Honghui Wu. Head Coach: Rick
AUSTRALIA: Joel Dennerley, Richard Campbell (2), Matthew
Martin, John Cotterill, Nathan Power, Jarrod Gilchrist (1), Aidan Roach
(1), Aaron Younger, Joel Swift (1), Tyler Martin (1), Rhys Howden (3),
William Miller, James Clark. Head Coach: Elvis Fatovic.


William Miller (AUS):
“The key of the game was the defence because they didn’t get to score a lot of goals. I’m satisfied with the game. It was a good one.”

James Clark (AUS):
“It was a good game. China is a good team because they have improved thanks to their sponsorship. We have to be more patient when it comes to the attack.”

Nathan Power (AUS):
“We are a bit disappointed the way we played in the last quarter. We have been sleeping for an unknown reason. We weren’t afraid of China and we controlled the game even though the final score was tight. Our tactics and overall game were great. We need to analyse more what happened in the fourth quarter. I feel confident for the rest of the tournament, we have a great team.”

Elvis Fatovic (AUS Head Coach):
“I am more satisfied with the match we played against Serbia, but we won this match and that´s the most important thing.”

Weiqing Ge (CHN):
“We played a good match, but we made some stupid mistakes in the first quarter. We´re a bit tired and now we´re waiting for the match against Serbia.”

Rick Azevedo (CHN Head Coach):
“This was the most important match for us since Hungary and Serbia are way too far ahead for us. Australia was the only team we could beat and we could have won if only we didn’t lose our concentration in two minutes when they scored three goals.”