FINA Communication Department

United States gained its first victory with a 16-3 Group B win over South Africa. It was well off the USA’s record score at FINA World Championships — 20-3 — also against South Africa, in 2011. The teams have now met three times with the USA victor on each occasion.The best part for the spectators was the tremendous centre-forward
display by John Mann, a player who has progressed so much since last
year’s Olympic Games. His physical presence is one thing but what he brings to the team is a
true replacement for some of the great two-metre men in USA history. His
ability to turn the man and then decide on what shot to take is his
main attribute.

Mann scored three of USA’s first five goals, two on extra off a post position and the third from two metres. The match progressed to 9-1 and he grabbed the 10th and 15th goals for five from the match and seven for the championship.

Big Ryan Bell scored two of South Africa’s goals and Nicholas Molyneux’s counter goal was one of the best in the match. Chancellor Ramirez, along with Matthew De Trane, is one of the team’s youngest members and looked well suited to the higher level of game — a far cry from playing the Youth World Championships in Perth, Australia last December. He scored twice from the top.

USA will now play Canada on Friday for second in the group.

Quarters: 0-4, 1-5, 2-5, 0-2
Referees: Alan Balfanbayev (KAZ), Shi Wei Ni (CHN).
Extra Man: RSA: 0/2. USA: 2/7.
Pens: Nil

AFRICA: Dwayne Flatscher, Etienne Le Roux, Devon Card, Ignardus
Badenhorst, Nicholas Rodda, Jason Kyte, Richard Downes, Ryan Bell (2),
Dean Whyte, Pierre Le Roux, Nicholas Molyneux (1), Adam Kajee, Donn
Stewart. Head Coach: Paul Martin.
USA: Merrill Moses, Janson Wigo
(2), Alexander Obert, Alexander Bowen (3), Matthew De Trane, Chancellor
Ramirez (2), James Krumpholz (1), Tony Azevedo (2), Shea Buckner,
Timothy Hutten (1), Michael Rosenthal, John Mann (5), Andrew Stevens. 
Head Coach: Dejan Udovicic.