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Kazakhstan broke a deadlock steeped in history and it all came down to a fantastic middle half in defeating Brazil 9-5 in a Group D encounter in day-two action. The teams had met twice in World Championships with two wins apiece and a draw. Also, both teams had scored 36 goals. Also, both teams were winless after the first day.Today it was Kazakhstan who took charge after being 2-1 down and then
2-2 at the quarter. Tight defence, countering and snap shooting in front
of goal gave Kazakhstan the match.

Brazil was kept scoreless for 21 minutes from midway through the first quarter until two minutes into the fourth. A missed penalty attempt early in the third period could have wiped that unenviable statistic.

Kazakhstan spread the goals around and was cruising at 9-2. Then Brazil struck with Izabella Chiappini scoring three goals in three minutes from three different positions. It proved too late and the scoring dried up.

Kazakhstan took a lead in the tournament statistics and has one win from two games and a chance to force a place in the top eight.

Aizhan Akilbayeva and Marina Gritsenko scored twice each for Kazakhstan in what was a keen team effort.

More importantly, perhaps, Kazakhstan carries the superior statistic for at least until Kazan 2015.

Match 13: 17:30, Group D, KAZAKHSTAN 9 BRAZIL 5
Quarters: 2-2, 3-0, 2-0, 2-3
Referees: Manol Taylan (TUR), Nenad Golijanin (SRB).
Extra Man: KAZ: 3/7. BRA: 3/5
Pens: KAZ: 1/1.

Alexandra Zharkova, Natalya Shepelina (1), Aizhan Akilbayeva (1), Anna
Turova (1), Anastassiya Mirshina, Anna Zubkova, Natalya Alexandrova (1),
Yekaterina Glushkova (1), Assel Jakayeva (2), Marina Gritsenko (2),
Alexandra Rozhentseva, Assem Mussarova, Kristina Krassikova. Head Coach:
Andrey Sasykin.
BRAZIL: Manuella Canetti, Diana Abla, Marina Zablith
(2), Marina Canetti, Luciane Maia, Adhara Santoro, Melani Dias, Izabela
Chiappini (3), Victoria Muratore, Flavia Vigna, Mirella Coutinho,
Viviane Bahia, Victoria Chamorro. Head Coach: Sandy Nitta.


Alexandra Zharkova (KAZ):
“It was not the best of our games. We didn’t play either good or bad. We will be better prepared for the upcoming games.”
Izabella Chiappini (BRA):
“The game had a good start, but we played some really poor quarters. We have to improve the counter attack. In the last eight minutes we tried to recover. For the next game we should improve our attack.“
Marina Zablith (BRA):
“We had a really poor game, with many mistakes. We tried to pick up the tempo of the match, but we had no time.”