FINA Communication Department

Olympic champion United States of America beat Canada 10-8 in a crucial Group C encounter. USA twice went on four-goal sprees — at the start of the match and straddling halftime — and looked impressive at 9-3 halfway through the third period.Then the wheels fell off the USA wagon as Canada struck back, getting
previously inaccurate shots on target. Stephanie Valin and Dominique
Perrault gave Canada a 9-5 chance at the final break.

Emma Wright, the 17 year old who has already played two FINA World League Super Finals and excelled, scored either side of a Kiley Neushul goal for 10-7 at 6:37. It lifted Wright to five goals from two matches. Joelle Bekhazi converted a penalty and Canada was back in the match, with 5:43 to inflict damage.

Both teams took timeouts but both look bruised and battered from the conflict and neither could score, settling instead for 10-8.

Canada, try as it might, is struggling to gain a win against USA, losing the previous 12 matches — two of those by one goal in the FINA World League this year.

Match 12: 13:30, Group UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 10 CANADA 8
Quarters: 4-1, 2-2, 3-2, 1-3
Referees: Adrian Alexandrescu (ROU), Cory Williams (NZL).
Extra Man: USA: 3/5. CAN: 3/5
Pens: CAN: 1/1

STATES OF AMERICA: Elizabeth Armstrong, Lauren Silver (2), Melissa
Seidemann (2), Rachel Fattal, Caroline Clark, Margaret Steffens (1),
Courtney Mathewson (1), Kiley Neushul (1), Jillian Kraus (1), Kelly
Rulon, Annika Dries (1), Kameryn Craig (1), Tumuaialii Anae. Head Coach:
Adam Krikorian.
CANADA: Michele Relton, Krystina Alogbo (1), Katrina
Monton, Emma Wright (2), Monika Eggens, Sophie Baron La Salle, Joelle
Bekhazi (1), Dominique Perrault (3), Carmen Eggens, Christine Robinson,
Stephanie Valin (1), Marina Radu, Nicola Colterjohn. Head Coach: Guy


Kiley Neushul (USA):
“The game was a rollercoaster ride. We did well, got away but they got back. Canada is a good team. We did well in the first half, but then we lost the concentration. Canada has good shooters.”
Courtney Mathewson (USA Captain):
“After halftime we had a big lead.  We felt comfortable so Canada got closer but we fought back.”
Adam Krikorian (USA Head Coach):
“It was a good win against a great rival. We did great at the start. We played better but at the end we played too conservatively. It was as we expected, a close game.”
Monika Eggens (CAN):
“We felt strong the whole time. We tried to put them under pressure and even more after the last timeout.”
Krystina Alogbo (CAN Captain):
“We dominated the game in the second half. If only we could have continued being that strong we could have won, but we got tired.”
Stephanie Valin (CAN):
“We believed until the end we could draw, but we missed some important opportunities.”