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29 participants, including 26 coaches, Ghana Swimming Federation President, the Secretary General and the Treasurer, attended the 2015-only FINA Water Polo Clinic in Africa, which took place in Accra, the largest city of Ghana, from October 2-11, 2015.

FINA lecturer and expert Zoltan Kasas introduced water polo to the coaches who already teach swimming in their respective countries, all neighboring Ghana.

With this 10-day course, a solid step towards the development of this discipline in Africa was taken and FINA demonstrated its committed to help the country out by supporting the local Federation a making the expert’s knowledge available.   

The program provided a multi-faced experience for each participant as water polo history, fundamentals rules and equipment basics were introduced. Teaching techniques and legwork at a beginner level were also emphasised and demonstrated in water by the very experienced and passionate lecturer.

FINA expert Zoltan Kasas providing in water demonstration ©Ghana Swimming Federation

FINA expert Kasas underlined the enthusiasm of the coaches-to-be and reported that the participants are all keen to form water polo clubs in their countries. 

FINA organised two Water Polo Clinics in the whole quadrennial 2013-2016, with a previous Clinic held in Senegal in 2014.  

©Ghana Swimming Federation