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Rules and Regulation

DC 15.2

FINA and its Member Federations shall recognize measures taken by other bodies which have not accepted the Code if the rules of those bodies are otherwise consistent with the Code.

[Comment to DC 15.2: Where the decision of a body that has not accepted the Code is in some respects Code compliant and in other respects not Code compliant, FINA and its Member Federations shall attempt to apply the decision in harmony with the principles of the Code. For example, if in a process consistent with the Code, a non-Signatory has found an Athlete to have committed an anti-doping rule violation on account of the presence of a Prohibited Substance in his or her body but the period of Ineligibility applied is shorter than the period provided for in these Anti-Doping Rules, then FINA shall recognize the finding of an anti-doping rule violation and may conduct a hearing consistent with DC 8 to determine whether the longer period of Ineligibility provided in these Anti-Doping Rules should be imposed.]