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Rules and Regulation

DC 7.10 Resolution Without a Hearing

DC 7.10.1 An Athlete or other Person against whom an anti-doping rule violation is asserted may admit that violation at any time, and/or waive a hearing and/or file a written defence instead. The right to a hearing may be waived either expressly or by the Athlete’s or other Person’s failure to challenge an Anti-Doping Organisation’s assertion that an anti-doping rule violation has occurred within the specific time period provided in the Anti-Doping Organisation’s rules. An Athlete or other Person desiring to challenge the anti-doping rule violation must request a hearing before the FINA Doping Panel in writing within 14 days of notice alleging an anti-doping violation from the FINA Doping Panel Chairman.

DC 7.10.2 In cases under DC 7.10.1 where a hearing has been waived or not timely requested, FINA or the Member Federation shall promptly issue a written decision setting out the full reasons for any period of Ineligibility imposed, including (if applicable) a justification for why the maximum potential period of Ineligibility was not imposed. FINA or the Member Federation shall send copies of that decision to other Anti-Doping Organizations with a right to appeal under DC 13.2.3, and shall Publicly Disclose that decision in accordance with DC 14.3.2.