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Rules and Regulation

DC 7.7 Results Management by Member Federations

DC 7.7.1 Results management conducted by Member Federations shall be consistent with the general principles for effective and fair results management which underlie the detailed provisions set forth in DC 7.1 – 7.6.

DC 7.7.2 Results of Doping Controls shall be reported to FINA and WADA as provided in DC 14.1.3 and DC 14.1.4.

DC 7.7.3 In circumstances where the rules of a Member Federation do not give the Member Federation authority over an Athlete or other Person who is not a national, resident, license holder, or member of a sport organization of that country, or the Member Federation declines to exercise such authority, such Member Federation shall, as soon as possible, report the results of such test or other anti-doping rule violation to FINA and to the Member Federation which normally exercises jurisdiction over such Athlete. That Member Federation will then conduct the appropriate results management and hearing procedures and impose the appropriate sanctions on the Athlete.

DC 7.7.4 Any apparent anti-doping rule violation by an Athlete who is a member of that Member Federation shall be promptly referred to an appropriate hearing panel established pursuant to the rules of the Member Federation or national law.

DC 7.7.5 If the FINA Executive determines a Member Federation with results management responsibility is not carrying out its results management responsibilities with respect to an apparent anti-doping rule violation in a sufficiently expeditious manner, the FINA Executive may, after conferring with and providing a warning to the Member Federation, transfer results management responsibilities for the apparent anti-doping rule violation to the DCRB. In any case where the FINA Executive transfers such results management responsibilities to the DCRB, the Member Federation shall cooperate fully and shall reimburse FINA for its costs in carrying out results management responsibilities. In any such case where the DCRB has conducted results management, any resulting hearing shall take place before the FINA Doping Panel.

DC 7.7.6 In any case where WADA appeals directly to CAS under DC 13.3 based upon a Member Federation’s failure to render a decision within a reasonable deadline set by WADA, FINA shall have the right to join in that appeal.

DC 7.7.7 Where a Member Federation has results management responsibility for an Atypical Finding, the FINA Executive may demand that the investigation described under DC 7.2 and DC 7.3 be completed prior to a FINA International Competition. If the Member Federation does not comply with such demand, the FINA Executive may declare the Athlete Ineligible for the International Competition as a result of the pending Atypical Finding and/or may transfer results management responsibilities to the DRCB. In any such case where the DCRB has conducted results management, any resulting hearing shall take place before the FINA Doping Panel.