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Rules and Regulation

DC 6.5 Further Analysis of Samples

Any Sample may be subject to further analysis by the Anti-Doping Organisation responsible for results management at any time before both the A and B Sample analytical results (or A Sample result where B Sample analysis has been waived or will not be performed) have been communicated by the Anti-Doping Organisation to the Athlete as the asserted basis for a DC 2.1 anti-doping rule violation.

Samples may be stored and subjected to further analyses for purpose of DC 6.2 at any time exclusively at the discretion of the Anti-Doping Organisation that initiated and directed Sample collection or WADA. (Any Sample storage or further analysis initiated by WADA shall be at WADA’s expense.) Further analysis of Samples shall conform with the requirements of the International Standard for Laboratories and the International Standard for Testing and Investigations.