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Rules and Regulation

DC 6.2 Purpose of Analysis of Samples

DC 6.2.1 Samples shall be analyzed to detect Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods and other substances as may be directed by WADA pursuant to the Monitoring Program described in Article 4.5 of the Code; or to assist in profiling relevant parameters in an Athlete’s urine, blood or other matrix, including DNA or genomic profiling; or for any other legitimate anti-doping purpose. Samples may be collected and stored for future analysis.

[Comment to DC 6.2.1: For example, relevant profile information could be used to direct Target Testing or to support an anti-doping rule violation proceeding under DC 2.2 or both.]

DC 6.2.2 FINA and its Member Federations shall ask laboratories to analyse Samples in conformity with Article 6.4 of the Code and Article 4.7 of the International Standard for Testing and Investigations.