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Rules and Regulation

DC 5.3 Event/ Competition Testing

DC 5.3.1 Except as provided in Article 5.3 of the Code, only a single organization should be responsible for initiating and directing Testing at Competition Venues during a Competition Period. At International Competitions, the collection of Samples shall be initiated and directed by the international organization which is the ruling body for the Competition (e.g. FINA for FINA Competitions, International Olympic Committee for the Olympic Games). Any Testing during the FINA Competition Period outside of the Competition Venues shall be coordinated with FINA.

DC 5.3.2 If an Anti-Doping Organisation which would otherwise have Testing authority but is not responsible for initiating and directing Testing at a Competition desires to conduct Testing of Athletes at the Competition Venues during the Competition Period, the Anti-Doping Organisation shall first confer with FINA (or any other ruling body of the Competition) to obtain permission to conduct and coordinate such Testing. If the Anti-Doping Organisation is not satisfied with the response from FINA (or any other ruling body of the Competition) the Anti-Doping Organisation may, in accordance with procedures published by WADA, ask WADA for permission to conduct Testing and to determine how to coordinate such Testing. WADA shall not grant approval for such Testing before consulting with and informing FINA (or any other ruling body of the Competition). WADA’s decision shall be final and not subject to appeal. Unless otherwise provided in the authorization to conduct Testing, such tests shall be considered Out-of-Competition tests. Results management for any such test shall be the responsibility of the Anti-Doping Organisation initiating the test unless provided otherwise in the rules of the ruling body of the Competition.

DC 5.3.3 FINA Competition Testing

DC The actual conduct of Testing at all FINA Competitions shall be the responsibility of a Doping Control Commission of one or more people appointed by the FINA Bureau or its designee. FINA may designate any party that is deemed suitable by FINA to collect Samples in accordance with these Anti-Doping Rules. Such designee shall be referred to in these Anti-Doping Rules as a Sample Collection Authority.

DC Any Athlete equaling or breaking a World Record shall submit to Testing following the race. When a relay team breaks or equals a World Record, all Athletes swimming the relay shall be tested. If no Testing is conducted at the Competition, the Athletes shall be responsible for making arrangements to submit to Testing no later than 24 hours after the race. No World Record shall be recognised without a negative doping test certificate for all Prohibited Substances or Prohibited Methods identified on the Prohibited List for which an analytical technique is available.

DC Should an Athlete obtain a national record in a FINA Competition and not otherwise be selected for Testing, and the Rules of the Member Federation of the Athlete are similar to DC, the Member Federation may request FINA to conduct Testing on such Athlete upon payment of a fee reasonably determined by FINA.

DC 5.3.4 Major Event Organisations Testing

DC In the Olympic Games, the FINA Executive or its designee, in collaboration with the IOC Medical Commission, shall determine the number of Athletes to be tested each day and for each discipline, and procedures followed shall be those set forth in the then-current anti-doping rules of the IOC. A similar procedure should be followed in all other Competitions not organised by FINA with collaboration of other medical and organising committees, as appropriate.

DC At every Competition conducted by either a Continental Organisation recognized by FINA or by a regional organization consisting of Member Federations of FINA, the respective Continental Organisation or regional organization shall be responsible for conducting Testing. Sanctions for violations of these Anti-Doping Rules at such Competitions beyond Disqualifications from the Competitions or the results of the Competition shall be heard by the FINA Doping Panel.

DC 5.3.5 Member Federation Testing

DC At all other Competitions (except where Testing is carried out under the rules of another sporting body), the Member Federation conducting the Testing or in whose territory a Competition is held shall be responsible for conducting Doping Control. The Member Federation shall apply procedures substantially in accordance with the International Standard for Testing and Investigations. The FINA Bureau may impose a sanction to a Member Federation that does not apply procedures in accordance with this Rule.