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Rules and Regulation

DC 5.2 Authority to conduct Testing

DC 5.2.1 Subject to the jurisdictional limitations for Event Testing set out in Article 5.3 of the Code, FINA shall have In-Competition and Out-of-Competition Testing authority over all of the Athletes specified in the Introduction to these Anti-Doping Rules (under the heading "Scope").

DC 5.2.2 FINA may require any Athlete over whom it has Testing authority (including any Athlete serving a period of Ineligibility) to provide a Sample at any time and at any place.

[Comment to DC 5.2.2: Unless the Athlete has identified a 60-minute testing window during the the following-described time period, or otherwise consented to Testing during that period, before Testing an Athlete between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., FINA should have serious and specific suspicion that the Athlete may be engaged in doping. A challenge to whether FINA had sufficient suspicion for Testing during this time period shall not be a defense to an anti-doping rule violation based on such test or Attempted test.]

DC 5.2.3 Every Member Federation shall include in their rules a provision obliging the Member Federation to allow unannounced Doping Control of any Athlete under its jurisdiction. It is the duty of every Member Federation to assist FINA and, if appropriate, other Member Federations in the carrying out of unannounced Testing. Any Member Federation preventing, hindering or otherwise obstructing the carrying out of such Testing shall be liable to sanctions according to Rule C 12.

DC 5.2.4 WADA shall have In-Competition and Out-of-Competition Testing authority as set out in Article 20.7.8 of the Code.

DC 5.2.5 If FINA delegates or contracts any part of Testing to a National Anti-Doping Organization (directly or through a Member Federation), that National Anti-Doping Organization may collect additional Samples or direct the laboratory to perform additional types of analysis at the National Anti-Doping Organization’s expense. If additional Samples are collected or additional types of analysis are performed, FINA shall be notified.