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Rules and Regulation

BL 12.5 FINA World Aquatic Calendar

FINA World Aquatic Calendar.
FINA shall compile and publish on its website the FINA World Aquatic Calendar in which all International Competitions approved by FINA shall be listed. When a new application for approval of an International Competition is received, FINA will compare the proposed dates of the new International Competition with the FINA World Aquatic Calendar to determine if the new dates conflict with a previously approved International Competition. If a conflict is deemed to exist by FINA (or any other issue arises in connection with the proposed International Competition) after considering the aquatic discipline, geographic region of the International Competition and/or age group of the Competitors and/or any other matter which FINA may in its discretion take into consideration, FINA will contact the new applicant and advise them that a conflict exists, and request that the dates be changed or competition is postponed to avoid the conflict. Applicants are advised to check the FINA World Aquatic Calendar for potential conflict in dates prior to applying for approval of a new International Competition. It is the policy of FINA that no International Competition of major international importance, with the exception of Masters competitions, should be held within 30 days prior to any Tier 1 Event, without FINA’s prior consent.