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Rules and Regulation

BL 10.6 Synchronised Swimming

BL 10.6.1 In FINA World Masters Championships a club may enter up to five (5) routines in solo, duo and team in each age group in each event, and one (1) Free Combination in each age group.

BL 10.6.2 A competitor can take part in only one Duet, Team and one Free Combination.

BL 10.6.3 Changes in names of competitors for a routine must be received by the Chief Recorder at least 14 days prior to the first event of the Synchronised Swimming competition. The new competitor must have already registered for the competition with the organising committee.

BL 10.6.4 The reserves listed in a routine must be of an age that any combination of the listed competitors would result in swimming in the same age group.

BL 10.6.5 Any changes in reserves must be handed to the Chief Recorder in writing at least two hours prior to the listed start time for the age group routine. Changes after this can only be made in the case of sudden illness of or an accident to a competitor and if the reserve is ready to compete without delaying the competition.

BL 10.6.6 A competitor may be listed as a reserve on more than one routine in an age group event. However, once a competitor swims in one routine, that competitor is ineligible to swim in another routine in the same age group event.

BL 10.6.7 Failure to notify the Chief Recorder of substitution and/or scratches shall result in disqualification of the routine.

BL 10.6.8. Order of Appearance

   BL For the FINA World Masters Championships, a computer draw for the Technical Routines shall be done by the Chief Recorder at least 24 hours before the Technical Meeting.
The order of the draw shall be Team, Free Combination, Duet and Solo.
   BL When a competitor(s) draws start number one (1) in a Technical Routine, she (they) will be exempted from drawing start number one (1) in another Technical Routine in the same Age Group, if possible.
Swimming number one (1) in a Technical Routine does not make a routine exempt from swimming number one (1) in the Free Routine in the same event.

   BL The order of appearance for the Free Routines in each age group shall be determined by the results of the Technical Routines for that age group event and shall be swum in groups of 6 competitors.
a) If the number of competitors is not divisible by 6, the smallest group shall start first.
b) If there are fewer than 12 entries in an age group event, the draw will be in two equal groups, the smallest group start first.
c) If there is a tie in the placement in an age group event which overlaps two groups, those competitors shall form a group of their own and swim between the original groups.
   BL For each age group event, the lowest scoring competitors in the Technical Routine will swim in the first group and the highest scoring competitors will swim in the last group.
   BL Within each age group in each event, the highest scoring competitor in the Technical Routine for that age group and event shall draw first, with the next competitors drawing in order of Technical Routine placement. In the case of ties, the order of draw shall be based on the Technical Routine start number, with the lowest start number drawing first.

BL 10.6.9 Judging and Scoring
   BL At the FINA World Masters Championships at least six (6) judges shall officiate in two panels.