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Rules and Regulation

BL 10.2 Swimming

BL 10.2.1 Qualifying standards for FINA World Masters Championships will be considered by FINA and the Organising Committee if deemed necessary.

BL 10.2.2 At the FINA World Masters Championships it is not necessary to conduct all events mentioned in MSW 2.2. However, each age division should include shorter Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly events plus Individual Medley and Relays.

BL 10.2.3 A swimmer can compete only once per relay event.

BL 10.2.4 Events shall be pre-seeded with oldest age groups first, slowest heats swum first within each age group. Events 400 metres and over may be seeded from slowest to fastest regardless of age.

BL 10.2.5 A swimmer may be entered for not more than five (5) individual events.

BL 10.2.6 The composition of a relay team can be changed up to the dead line announced by the Organising Committee on the day prior to the relay event. The age of the substitute swimmer(s) cannot change the age group of the entered relay team. Substitute swimmer(s) must be registered for the Championships.