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Rules and Regulation

BL 10.3 Open Water Swimming

BL 10.3.1 A Masters Open Water Swimming event may be included in FINA World Masters Championships.

BL 10.3.2 The Organising Committee shall follow the FINA Masters Open Water Safety Regulations.

BL 10.3.3 Swimmers shall be seeded according to age groups from the youngest to the oldest. Swimmers may be selected irrespective of gender. The slowest entered swimmers of each age group may comprise and be seeded in special heat(s). By recommendation of the FINA Masters Commission and/or nominated Safety Officer this order may be changed.

BL 10.3.4 If the number of entries is more than 1000 the competition may be swum in two or more days.

BL 10.3.5 Race organisers, in consultation with the referee and subject to advice from FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee, are to designate in advance the cut off time for each Masters race. As a rough guide, a time of 30 minutes per kilometre could apply.