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Rules and Regulation

BL 3.4 Procedures

BL 3.4.1 Motions shall be dealt with according to the order of precedence as printed in the respective supplement or bulletin, providing that the proposals of the Bureau shall take precedence. 

BL 3.4.2 Motions are listed by number in order of precedence number 1 having a higher priority than any greater number. 

BL 3.4.3 The action proposed by the FINA Bureau shall be first announced at each motion. (Motion recommended or not recommended.) 

BL 3.4.4 The main motion may be amended and the amended motion also amended (i.e. further amendment). An amendment to a motion must be voted on before the main motion as amended is brought to a vote. 

BL 3.4.5 The proposals, in order of precedence, shall be discussed and voted upon, provided that such proposals are not similar in meaning and intent to those already rejected. 

BL 3.4.6 Motions, except those of the Bureau, require a second before discussion can commence. The President must explicitly ask for a second to the motion. Questions on the motion, points of order, or withdrawn motions do not require a second. 

BL 3.4.7 The delegate proposing the motion shall be given the privilege of speaking briefly to the motion if he wishes. He has the right of reply before a vote is taken. 

BL 3.4.8 Except as provided in BL 3.4.7, delegates may speak only once to the motion. The period of speeches may be limited. If this is the case, the duration will be announced previously.