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Rules and Regulation

BL 3.5 Voting

BL 3.5.1 Before submitting a motion to a vote, the President shall present the question concerned in concise, clear, and unequivocal terms. 

BL 3.5.2 The decisions shall be made on the basis of simple majority vote of the delegates present and voting. 

BL 3.5.3 The Chairman will propose for the approval of the Congress at least three scrutineers, for all votings. Their report shall be given to the Chairman or the Secretary. 

BL 3.5.4 BL 3.5.4 The methods of voting which may be adopted by the meeting (for and against) are 

a) by show of hands, 

b) by a standing vote (Division) 

c) by calling the roll (Division), 

d) by a secret ballot, proposed and seconded, or 

e) by electronic equipment. 

BL 3.5.5 If the correctness of a vote is questioned, the President or Chairman of the meeting shall decide the validity of the complaint, taking care that this correctness will not be a reopening of a motion already voted. If somebody asks to reopen the question, it shall be necessary to have two-thirds majority in favour. If not, this motion shall be rejected.