FINA Communication Department

Kuwait City, KUWAIT - The 2013 edition of the FINA Men’s Water Polo World Development Trophy, the 4th such event, was hosted by the Kuwait Swimming Federation in Kuwait. There are 11 teams participating in two Groups – Algeria was a late cancellation. The six teams playing in Group A are from Tunisia, Egypt, Peru, Uruguay, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. The five Group B teams are from South Africa, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Uzbekistan and the host country, Kuwait.The tournament began on a sunny day in Kuwait. Tunisia played Saudi Arabia in the first game of the tournament. The team from Saudi Arabia were 12-8 victors in the Group A competition. The second game was also a Group A competition – between the two countries from South America – Uruguay and Peru. The Atlantic coast team from Uruguay defeated Peru by a score of 8 to 4.

The third group A game was a cross-continental match between Egypt and Singapore.  The more experienced Egyptian team defeated the Asian representative, Singapore, by a score of 14-5.

Group B began competition with a game between two teams from the Central America – Puerto Rico and Guatemala. Again, experience was a big factor as the Puerto Ricans defeated the Guatemalans by the biggest differential of the day winning a 23-2 game.

credit: @ahmad_akbar (Instagram)

The last game of the day was between South African and Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan, representing Asia, defeated South Africa by a score of 14-5. The host team from Kuwait had the day off.

At the end of Day 1, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Egypt, Puerto Rico and Uzbekistan were group leaders going into Day 2. With Puerto Rico playing Uzbekistan and Uruguay playing Saudi Arabia, two of the teams would be dropping from the ranks of the undefeated during Tuesday’s games.

There are 11 referees with teams and 3 neutral referees present. A FINA school for water polo officials will be held in conjunction with the Water Polo Word Development Trophy in Kuwait City.