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Here are the Day 2 results from the FINA Women’s Water Polo World League preliminaries in Europe taking place in Lille (FRA). Saturday’s (May 9) matches resulted in a win for Italy against France with a score of 12-11 and an overwhelming win for Spain over South Africa with a score of 17-7.

Below are the game reports from France:

France 11 – Italy 12
(5-4, 4-3, 2-4, 0-1)

Despite the six goals put-in by France´s Louise Guillet in this game, France lost its game on Day 2 at home, albeit just by one goal, and after two of its penalty shots were blocked during the tie-breaker. After a tough battle, the French finally lost 11-12 (5-4, 4-3, 2-4, 0-1) to Italy. This was a tough loss following the victorious opening day of French coach Christophe Bachelier´s players (they had beaten South Africa 14-7 on May 8).

Italy was even missing some of its national league finalist players, so coach Roberto Fiori´s team faced tough resistance. It was the skills of goalkeeper Eleonora Gay, who blocked two penalty-shots from France´s powerful Louise Guillet, which made the difference. Rosaria Aiello (ITA) scored the winning goal in the final period.

In the matches of Group B which are held in Athens, Greece newcomer Great Britain and Germany are still waiting for the first points. The Germans still defended a tie until the end of the third period, but still lost 10-14 to the reigning title-holders from Russia.

Celine Cherrier, Vanessa Popieul (1), Sophie Gaultier, Vanessa Hernandez (1), Louise Guillet (6), Lea Beauchiere, Eugenie Pirat, Clemence Clerc (1), Gwendaelle Acosta, Marie-Charlotte Grand, Perrine Metay (2), Celine Aclocque, Caroline Ruyer.

Eleonora Gay, Francesca Pavan (2), Silvia Motta, Simona Abbate, Martina Savioli (2), Federica Radicchi (2), Valentina Ayale (1), Giulia Dal Fiume, Rosario Aiello (3), Federica Rocco (1), Fantasia Livia (1), Medea Verde, Laura Teani.

Spain 17 – South Africa 7
(3-2, 3-2, 7-0, 4-3)

Spain has now secured its second victory, after beating South Africa by a forceful 17-7. For this encounter, the Spanish coach Joan Jané rested some of the team’s most important players, like Pareja, Cristina López and Maica García, in order to reserve them for the Sunday match against France, which will likely be closer and more rigorous. In spite of dominating from the opening minutes, the Spanish players maintained a relatively small difference in the score in the first half. After two periods, Spain went into the break with just a two goal advantage (6-4).

It was not until the third quarter that those of Joan Jané turned on the pressure and obtained a definitive 7-0 score. The good Spanish defence in this period, and the good offensive work of Lorena Miranda and Anna Espar, the contributors of five and three goals respectively, were key to the second triumph of this national team.

For South Africa, Lee-Anne Keet had a hat-trick (3 goals) in this match.

Carla Rodríguez, Mati Ortiz (2), Marian Díaz, Iria Esteller, Miriam López-Escribano (3), Teresa Gorría (2), Helena Lloret, Pilar Peña (1), Clara Aller (1), Ona Meseguer, Lorena Miranda (5) y Anni Espar (3).

South Africa
Hayley Nicole Duncan, Jade Miles Liddell, Megan Schooling (1), Laura Marie Barrett (1), Tammy Heydenrych, Sarah Harris (2), Christine Barretto, Lee-Anne Keet (3), Nicollette Poulos, Naydene Smith, Mbali Mpofu, Marcelle Keet, Nicole Stanly.

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