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Olympic gold medallist United States of America made it 17 matches in a row at World Championships, World League and Pan American Games. USA has to go back to 1999 to find the last time it lost to Brazil — at the Pan American Games.The oppressive humidity and heat made it hard for the teams and USA struggled in the second half once it had enough of a buffer.

Kiley Neushul scored the second goal for USA and had a chance to make it 3-0 with a penalty shot. However, her hand slipped as she was about to shoot and it was a turnover. No matter, Melissa Seidemann came to the rescue for 3-0 at the break.

Five goals in the next four minutes gave USA to advantage it wanted to cruise through the game and escape the heat. Marina Zablith responded for Brazil’s first goal from the top on extra—man attack. Twice more USA struck and 10-1 seemed the right score.

Brazil was far from flustered and after the long break shot back into the game through Izabella Chiappini, for her seventh of the championship, and Viviane Bahia.

Neushul and Rachel Fattal replied for 12-3 at the final break. Maggie Steffens and Lolo Silver scored on a drive and 8m respectively to close out the match.

Brazil departs for home and the long road to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games while USA now moves into the top eight content its game is intact.

Match 29: 17:30, Quarterfinal Qualification, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 14 BRAZIL 3
Quarters: 3-0, 7-0, 5-2, 2-0
Referees: Kazuhiko Makita (JPN), Anastassiya Skovpina (UZB).
Extra Man: USA: 1/1. BRA: 0/0.
Pens: USA: 0/1

STATES OF AMERICA: Elizabeth Armstrong, Lauren Silver (2), Melissa
Seidemann (2), Rachel Fattal (2), Caroline Clark, Margaret Steffens (1),
Courtney Mathewson, Kiley Neushul (2), Jillian Kraus (1), Kelly Rulon
(2), Annika Dries (1), Kameryn Craig (1), Tumuaialii Anae. Head Coach:
Adam Krikorian.
BRAZIL: Manuella Canetti, Diana Abla, Marina Zablith
(1), Marina Canetti, Luciane Maia, Adhara Santoro, Melani Dias, Izabela
Chiappini (1), Victoria Muratore, Flavia Vigna, Mirella Coutinho,
Viviane Bahia (1), Victoria Chamorro. Head Coach: Sandy Nitta.


Kameryn Craig (USA):
“We gave in in the third quarter because it’s always challenging to stay in the moment and we have to concentrate. We will be really motivated against Spain, especially because we need to win to stay in the competition. ”
Rachel Fattal (USA):
“After halftime we did not communicate well and that was reflected in the game, but then we tried to be more focused and that was it. This is my first time in a big competition and I will try to enjoy myself and do my best against Spain.”
Adam Krikorian (Head Coach):
“Our next game is against Spain and a lot of people say that is a re-match, but I don’t like that word, what happened one year ago is not important now. There have been a lot of changes, different players, and also, now we are playing in Spain. The most important thing is to pass to the next round, no matter against whom we play. ”
Mirella Coutinho (BRA):
"We had a bad beginning of the match, but we got better as the game continued. We know that we need to work a lot. During the championship we almost beat Kazakhstan but it didn’t work out. We want to be a strong competitive team for the next Olympic Games in Rio."
Victoria Chamorro (BRA):
"Barcelona 2013 has been a learning process for Rio 2016. It was a big step forward for us because we have a really new team. I am one of them. I am very happy with my participation in this Championship, but at the same time we are sad to be out of the tournament. I dream of playing in Rio 2016."