FINA Communication Department

Serbia continued its unbeaten run against Romania in all championships and progressed to the quarterfinals with a 13-5 decision. The win record is now 11 plus one draw.Romania opened the scoring through Andrei Busila — the only time it held the lead. Serbia
lifted to 2-1 at the quarter break and 4-1. Nicolae Diaconu broke the
Serbian surge that re-continued to halftime for 7-2. Diaconu and
Ramiro Georgescu scored consecutive goals for 8-3 but it was not until
the final quarter that it scored again for 11-4 and 13-5.

Serbia, destined to go the distance and possibly win the title, proved a handful with eight players on the scoresheet. Serbia
displayed speed and agility in front of goal as typified by a Vanya
Udovicic drive into the two-metre zone to accept a cross pass under the
nose of the goalkeeper to score.

The match sets Serbia up for the
tougher matches, the first of which is against Montenegro on Tuesday to
decide who goes through to the medal round. Romania is consigned to a trip home and to turn thoughts toward Kazan 2015.

Match 29: 17:30, Quarterfinal Qualification, SERBIA 13 ROMANIA 5
Quarters: 2-1, 5-1, 3-1, 3-1
Referees: Mark Koganov (AZE), Sergy Naumov (RUS).
Extra Man: SRB: 5/7. ROU: 1/4.
Pens: Nil.

SERBIA: Branislav Mitrovic, Dusan Mandic (1), Zivko Gocic, Vanja Udovicic (2), Milos Cuk (2), Dusko Pijetlovic (2), Slobodan Nikic (2), Milan Aleksic (1), Nikola Raden (1), Filip Filipovic (2), Andrea Prlainovic, Stefan Mitrovic, Gojko Pijetlovic. Head Coach: Dejan Savic.
ROMANIA: Dragos Stoenescu, Petru Ianc, Tiberiu Negrean, Nicolae Diaconu (3), Daniel Teohari, Andrei Busila (1), Alexandru Matei (1), Mihnea Chioveanu, Dimitri Goanta, Ramiro Georgescu, Alexandru Ghiban, Adrei Cretu, Mihai Dragusin. Head Coach: Vlad Hagiu.


Filip Filipovic (SRB):
“We approached this game seriously and therefore there was a serious win-and-point difference. We are happy with our approach and have been playing very well. We play Montenegro often and always win so the pressure is actually on them.”

Milos Cuk (SRB):
“We played like our coach wanted us to play; our defence was much better than in previous games. We are playing the next match against Montenegro so our focus is on that now.”

Dragos Stoenescu (ROU):
“We are not happy with the result, there are a lot of differences between us and our two best players are not here.”

Nicolae Diaconu (ROU):
“It was a very difficult game, and we have some players missing. We wanted to score more goals than this, but we did expect that Serbia would score more than us today.”