FINA Communication Department

The FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 2016 officially kicked-off tonight, December 5, with the vibrant Opening Ceremony held in the Colosseum Caesar Hotel Casino in Windsor, Canada.

The festivities showcased talented performers and designers who shared their artistry. Local dancers and singers assured the sparkling show tonight with original choreographies. One of the original elements of the show consisted in original acrobacies from two "air" swimmers, flying over the heads of the audience.

Initially "hidden" by a giant curtain, the athletes were then "unveiled" when a DJ played a mix while the announcer cited the participating countries in the competition.

Following the dance show, the famous Canadian two-piece art rock band from Toronto the Darcy’s played a set of alternative rock.

Around 2,000 people present tonight also had a chance to hear the Canadian anthem that a young girl performed with talent.

On the institutional part of the ceremony, FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione expressed his satisfaction for being in Canada:

"The authorities of the city and our Canadian hosts have made a great job in organising this event. Everything is in place for a memorable celebration of Swimming, as many Stars will honour us with their presence here in Canada!"

Drew Dilkens, the Mayor of Windsor, was also thrilled to receive the Aquatic world in his city: "While we may not be the largest city to have ever hosted, we have done our part to ensure this competition is unique, memorable, and full of special Canadian touches that help us stand apart from those who have hosted before us".

The Championships are on, and slightly adapting the motto of the competition, "we already felt the power" at the Opening Ceremony!